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Nov-Dec 2015

Dental World

Published quarterly, Dental World includes news of the Academy, its Foundation, and its Regions and Sections in the United States and abroad. This offical newsletter of the Pierre Fauchard Academy contains news of individual members throughout the world, announcements of meetings, abstracts of selected articles from the world of dentistry with comments, reviews of books written by PFA members, and occasional editorials.  Dental World appears four times a year as an insert in Dental Abstracts which is distributed bimonthly as part of the membership benefits to Fellows of the Academy.

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Dental Abstracts

Dental Abstracts is the official publication of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.  Information from around the globe is presented in this bimonthly publication featuring approximately 50 abstracts from key articles in dentistry. Dental Abstracts keeps dentists informed of developments and advances in general dentistry and its specialties in an easy-to-read, abstract format. Graphs, tables, and figures that have appeared in original articles are also included. This time-saving publication covers topics such as guided tissue regeneration, treatments for anterior single tooth implants, clinical evaluation of dentin bonding agents, and more.

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Dental World Issues

Nov-Dec 2015

A good day to all my friends and colleagues in the Pierre Fauchard Academy! I trust this finds you well. As I write this, I’m running down the “To Do List” given to me by my wife. We’ll be celebrating the wedding of my middle daughter tomorrow. I seem to have found my management level here. I have a master list and schedule with my assigned duties highlighted in orange. I can tell quite readily that nothing on my list is too terribly important. Dress clothes picked up for the ceremony? Check. Delivery of the table decorations, name tags and table numbers? Check. Tip money available for all those having their hands out? Also check. It seems my job is really just to hold the credit card and checkbook so that even more funds can be disbursed. It comes down to this for me, “Be ready to help whenever called upon.” Check. I have a complete day scheduled for checking hygiene and making sure the Father of the Bride talk is well-rehearsed and worthy of a great event. Most importantly, I’m ready to meet and greet the family and friends of my family. I am truly blessed. I have successful daughters that have chosen great spouses. I’m blessed with a wife of almost 39 years that was once my high school sweetheart. How can I possibly be married to a Grandmother?

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Dental Abstracts Issue

Dental Abstracts (2016)

June 01, 2016
  • Changing water fluoridation levels
  • Oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment
  • Keep the ones you’ve got
  • Taking evidence-based advice
  • Shared decision making
  • Marketing light-based diagnostic devices
  • Table of Contents
  • Editorial Board
  • Another form of smoking
  • Altering the occlusal vertical dimension
  • Tooth loss related to smoking
  • Management of bruxism
  • Masticatory performance
  • Kidney function and periodontal disease
  • Aggressive periodontitis treatment
  • Sleep breathing disorders
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Nerve injury and repair
  • Drugs and saliva secretion
  • Mini-implants
  • Teaching new techniques and materials
  • Cone-beam computed tomography
  • Apicectomy outcomes
  • Dental professionals’ knowledge of eating disorders
  • To line or not to line
  • Antibacterial role of cavity liners
  • Sugar and caries
  • Clostridium difficile disease after antibiotic use
  • Mechanism of achieving whitening
  • Whitening for smokers
  • Occlusal dysesthesia
  • Manual therapy for relief of TMD signs and symptoms
  • Direct veneers in non-vital teeth
  • Amalgam: to restore, replace, or leave alone?
  • Dentition for older adults
  • Changes in drugs for elderly patients
  • Atraumatic Restorative Treatment for kids
  • New Zealand xerostomia
  • Cancer treatments and osteonecrosis
  • Evolution of shared decision-making
  • Patient satisfaction and understanding
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Mini implants for older patients
  • Antibiotic-related diarrhea and infection
  • Impression materials
  • Dental chair inclination
  • Articaine versus lidocaine
  • Failed anesthesia in acutely inflamed pulp
  • Caries adjacent to restorations
  • Nonoperative anti-caries treatment
  • Engagement
  • Building synergy
  • Paying to play on social media
  • Internal marketing
  • Advertising interest area skills
  • Ethics of googling patients
  • No-shows, last-minute cancellations, and late arrivers
  • Setting up associateship terms
  • Smiling Brazil
  • Sugar restriction
  • Debt and career decisions
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and periodontitis
  • Oral health and brain health
  • Transitioning a practice
  • Digital communication methods
  • Move more, sit less
  • Ideal restorative material
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