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India Section's 29th Annual Convocation

December 20, 2015 Mumbai, India

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February 05, 2016 Lake Oconee, Greensboro, GA

ACD-ICD-PFA C.E. Conference

April 07, 2016 Williamsburg Lodge

Michigan ACD/ICD/PFA Joint Dinner

April 14, 2016 Meadowbrook Country Club

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Dental World Nov-Dec 2014

Dental World

Published quarterly, Dental World includes news of the Academy, its Foundation, and its Regions and Sections in the United States and abroad. This offical newsletter of the Pierre Fauchard Academy contains news of individual members throughout the world, announcements of meetings, abstracts of selected articles from the world of dentistry with comments, reviews of books written by PFA members, and occasional editorials.  Dental World appears four times a year as an insert in Dental Abstracts which is distributed bimonthly as part of the membership benefits to Fellows of the Academy.

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Dental Abstracts

Dental Abstracts is the official publication of the Pierre Fauchard Academy.  Information from around the globe is presented in this bimonthly publication featuring approximately 50 abstracts from key articles in dentistry. Dental Abstracts keeps dentists informed of developments and advances in general dentistry and its specialties in an easy-to-read, abstract format. Graphs, tables, and figures that have appeared in original articles are also included. This time-saving publication covers topics such as guided tissue regeneration, treatments for anterior single tooth implants, clinical evaluation of dentin bonding agents, and more.

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Dental Abstracts Issue

Dental Abstracts (2015)

October 14, 2015
  • Missed school for dental problems
  • Caring for the underserved
  • Reforming dental education and care delivery systems
  • Keep research in the proper context
  • What is the future of geriatric dentistry in the USA?
  • Incidental findings
  • Scholarship and clinical practice
  • Conspiracy thinking
  • Dental World
  • Table of Contents
  • Editorial Board
  • Software estimates of age
  • Dental instrument interference with cardiac devices
  • ART restorations for older patients
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Fluoride application guidelines
  • Resin-retained bridges
  • Asymptomatic pulp necrosis
  • Emergency care of dental trauma
  • Contracts for EHR services
  • Changing to an electronic system
  • Economics
  • The baby-boomer generation
  • Traumatic dental injury prevalence
  • Dentures and pneumonia
  • Vital pulp treatment
  • Influence of weather and the moon
  • A new paradigm
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Articaine and paresthesia
  • Wowing new patients
  • Optimizing online patient acquisition
  • Keeping faith with patients
  • Spending on dental care
  • Past, present, and future of dental practice
  • Effect of care provider on oral health outcome
  • Practice models
  • Germany’s dental health care system
  • Serving indigenous communities
  • Why implants succeed
  • Failing to address the problem
  • Rating silicone versus alginate
  • What to tell patients about e-cigarettes
  • Failure and reimplantation
  • Pain management
  • Early complications
  • Musicians and TMJ disorders
  • Retaining noncarious cervical lesion restorations
  • Probiotics
  • Traditional and digital systems
  • Maximize social media presence
  • Proximate causation
  • Lying to patients
  • Oral-systemic considerations
  • Cone-beam computed tomography for vertical root fractures
  • Swallowed or aspirated objects
  • Salivary diagnostics
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    Submission of photos and articles about Section activities are accepted for possible publication in the Dental World. Please contact the Editor for more information.

    Photos submitted must be large and high enough resolution for printing, usually the minimum size is 4" x 6" and 600dpi resolution at 22 picas wide (after cropping) if sent electronically, and compressed JPEG photo images (.JPG ) are best for sending electronically. Sending actual photo prints on photographic paper via regular postal mail is also accepted.

    Dental World Editor

    Dental World Submission Due Dates:

    2015 May/June Issue: 4/14/15

    2015 September/October Issue: 8/14/15

    2015 November/December Issue: 10/14/15

    Please send change of address information or subscription inquiries to the Central Office of the Pierre Fauchard Academy at:

    Pierre Fauchard Academy
    41 East 400 North # 546
    Logan, UT 84321-4020
    U. S. A.

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