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November - December 2022

UNLV Dental School

The UNLV School of Dental Medicine houses two exhibits that display period dental offices from the early and middle 20th Century.

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Pierre Fauchard Museum

The Pierre Fauchard Museum of Dental History is located in Nevada and was established in the year 2000. The museum houses several displays, which can be previewed at the feature links listed on the museum page.

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Painless Parker Exhibit (closed) - Online only

The Pierre Fauchard Academy's Central Office is located in Nevada, and was home to an exhibit displaying preserved items from the dental office of Edgar Randolph “Painless” Parker, DDS (1872-1952), a colorful early 20th century dentist who popularized dentistry and created the modern group practice.

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Museum of Dentistry (Closed) - Online Only

The Museum of Dentistry at the Ordre National des Chirurgiens-Dentistes was established in Paris, France on May 19, 1994. It is home to the Pierre Fauchard Academy's International Hall of Fame of Dentistry, as well as other historical displays.

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