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July-August 2018

Pierre Fauchard Academy Committees

PFA Committees are a central focus of planning, developing and implementing programs to help our members. Officers, Trustees or Section Chairs may serve as committee chairs. Committee chairmen are selected by the President with consent by the Board. Committee members are chosen by the President and the Committee Chairman. The volunteer members of PFA committees are our most valuable asset.

If you have a special interest in a particular committee, please let President Elect Karyn Stockwell know so that she may take it under consideration while planning next year's committee members.

Standing Committees

  • Rick Sawers, President, Chair
  • Cheri Newman, President Elect
  • Terry Brewick, Vice President
  • Barry Feder, Immediate Past President
  • Dan Castagna, Treasurer
  • Loralie Lowder, Executive Director
  • Cheri Newman, President Elect, Chair
  • Rick Sawers, President
  • Terry Brewick, Vice President
  • Barry Feder, Immediate Past President
  • Jerry Dushkin, Trustee Region 6
  • Ghabi Kaspo, Trustee Region 4
  • Daniel Castagna, Treasurer
  • Terry Brewick, VP, Chair
  • Gerry Ferris, Trustee Region 3
  • Samireh Nikolakakos, Trustee Region 1
  • Luis Felipe Jimenez, Trustee Region 7

Other Committees (established by the President)

  • Constitution & By-Laws
  • Editorial Advisory
  • Membership
  • Publicity and Publication
  • International Advisory
  • Special Projects
  • 1. Hall of Fame
  • 2. Mentorship

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, and the Executive Director.