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November - December 2022

Contemporary Concepts for Breath Oral Study & Research

by Dr. Bernardo Levit
Published in 2003
eBook on CD-ROM
Windows operating system only

Using a friendly but scientifically-sound language, Dr. Bernardo Levit goes into the roots of halitosis and the therapeutic approaches to defeat it. Dr Levit, member of the lntemational Society of Oral Breath Research, puts the stress on the need of a multidisciplinary approach in order to discard more complex etiologies or to improve the efficiency of treatment. "Halitosis is not as serious as cancer, but those who suffer from it may experience the rejection from people surrounding them, the burden of self-culpability and isolation, the need of crossing the trench so as to stop feeling ashamed, the challenge of running into a trained professional"

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How It Evolved, Dentistry's pursuit of excellence

by Richard A. Glenner, DDS
Published in 2002
Revised Edition, softbound, includes CD-ROM
8.5" x 11" format, illustrated

An account discussing the evolution of equipment, instruments, supplies, and techniques used in dental offices. This illustrated volume is the companion to the author's previously published book, THE DENTAL OFFICE.

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LEGACY, The Dental Profession

Published in 1990
First Edition, Hardcover
B&W photos, 213 pages

Edited by Drs. Clifford Loader and Shigeo Kishi, is a compilation of essays from some 85 international dental leaders participating in all phases of dentistry. These ideas and philosophies that have guided these individuals are shared here in the hopes of creating a better understanding for future leaders to continue the progress and development of Dentistry.

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The Brief Early History of the PFA Japanese Section

By Robert Masao Shiosaki,
Supervised by Dr. Clifford F. Loader, Mrs. Rae D. Loader

This recently published book is the official history of the difficult early years of the birth, growth and achievements of the new PFA section in Japan, and a celebration of the handful of devoted American and Japanese organizers. Published in mostly in English, it may serve as a guide to the development of the Academy and future new Sections. All proceeds of the sale of this book are donated by Mrs. Tomiko Nakayama to the Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Mitch Nakayama Memorial Fund.

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PIERRE FAUCHARD — The First Dental Surgeon, His Work — His Actuality

By Dr. André Besombes (Paris)
Published 1933, 170 pages ( facsimilie )
English translation by Phillipe de Gaillande and George Higué

This work was originally published in French for the 200th anniversary of Pierre Fauchard. The celebration was important because it signified the beginning of modern dentistry, the sharing of techniques with colleagues, and the onset of a biological basis, testing and observation that have continued through history. This work introduces the man responsible and the era he lived in. The PFA has had this book translated from French into English and is making it available to historians, scholars and interested PFA Fellows.

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Painless Parker, A National Renegade's Fight to Make Advertising "Ethical"

Arden Christen and Peter Pronych.
429 pages, 90 illustrations

Painless Parker fought for the little person. He dared to challenge the dental establishment with his flamboyant and blatant advertising. Was he a dental renegade, a charlatan, a quack, or the Henry Ford of Dentisty? Arden Christen and Peter Pronych narrate his fascinating story, based, in part, on the vivid recollections from Parker's memories and diaries. In this book, many of Parker's words and aphorisms are used to trace his active and controversial life from New Brunswick, Canada, to Brooklyn, New York, to California from 1872-1952.

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Section Chair Leadership Manual of the PFA

Available only to PFA Leadership

This work is a compilation of the resources available to the PFA Chairman, Officer, Section Leader. It provides suggestions for organizing their group on the local level, purposes, missions, what to do in hosting a dinner, a continuing education course, or even a cocktail party. The manual provides useful information in photography, news releases, invitations, membership recruitment and all other forms of activities that the local group has the option of performing.

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