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November - December 2022

Contemporary Concepts for Breath Oral Study & Research

by Dr. Bernardo Levit
Published in 2003
eBook on CD-ROM
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Using a friendly but scientifically-sound language, Dr. Bernardo Levit goes into the roots of halitosis and the therapeutic approaches to defeat it. It may appear strange to find a dentist talking about bad breath odor, but around 90% of cases seems to be related to the activity of bacterial populations living in the mouth. Nevertheless, Dr Levit, member of the lntemational Society of Oral Breath Research, puts the stress on the need of a multidisciplinary approach in order to discard more complex etiologies or to improve the efficiency of treatment. "Halitosis is not as serious as cancer, but those who suffer from it may experience the rejection from people surrounding them, the burden of self-culpability and isolation, the need of crossing the trench so as to stop feeling ashamed, the challenge of running into a trained professional", the Buenos Aires-based author says.

Pages of this e-book include descriptions of biochemical basis of bad breath odor, different devices to measure objectively volatile compounds and the psyche-social impact of halitosis. This information is gently articulated with practical advises for patients and treating doctors. Among the most remarkable subjects distinguishing this text from previous ones, Dr Levit illuminates the phenomena of "biofilms", or bacterial clumps surrounded by an enveloping intermicrobial matrix from where foul-smelling gases emanate. Existence of biofilms helps to understand the limited efficy of mouth rinses and the need of tongue-scrapers to reach an exhaustive oral hygiene.

This e-book also analyzes criteria to select assistants in order to help diagnosis and evaluation of patients. In summary: a must-read text for those who suffer from chronic halitosis, their loved ones and professionals who want updated information about diagnosis and effective treatment of the condition.


"Only those suffering from bad breath odour can realize how much suffering it involves. It's not a cosmetic matter: it's a sort of invisible barrier preventing you from developing your self-esteem as well as your personal potential in different fields of your life. I can assert it as a patient... and as a psychologist. When you succeed in curing my chronic halitosis, you relieved a pain in my soul. Thank you, Dr Levit!"
- Mirtha P., 50 years old.

"I had never imagined that my tongue was about to ruin my life. Neither had I imagined that a simple tongue-scraper and other oral hygienic measures, as you advised, might become such an effective solution. Thank you very much, Dr Levit. Me and my wife will always remember you."
- Ricardo L., 37 years old.

"I used to feel as a repulsive foul-smelling machine. Girls rejected me as if I were a pariah. My job partners tried to keep me at bay. Not any more. When I ran into your office and your book, I realized that my condition could be solved. And the treatment certainly worked! Thanks a lot, Dr Levit."
- Marcelo N., 29 years old.

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