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November - December 2022

The Brief Early History of the PFA Japanese Section

By Robert Masao Shiosaki,
Supervised by Dr. Clifford F. Loader, Mrs. Rae D. Loader


We are all indebted to Robert Masao Shiosaki for his willingness to meticulously construct the complete history of the Japan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. We are indeed fortunate that he has served as an adviser all the years of his life with the Section working first with the organizing committee in 1970, and working closely with each Section Chairman and each of the three Secretary Generals.

Every professional man has an obligation to contribute to the advancement of the profession due to the heritage. This book faithfully records the progress, growth and achievements. Future accomplishments will be based on the sound foundation established here. This book documents accomplishments to date.

We men are what we are because of the contributions of all other men...... both those now living ... and those that belong to history. Our wisdom is the wisdom of the ages ... our culture is the culture of the centuries ... of the intelligent use of mind and matter by many men of many generations and many lands.

Dentistry is grateful and all the Pierre Fauchard Academy members worldwide are particularly grateful for this first official history of this important component of the Academy.

Clifford F. Loader, D.M.D.
September 30, 1995

Foreword......................Dr. Clifford F. Loader
Introduction..................Mrs. Tomiko Nakayama
Acknowledgement........Robert Masao Shiosaki
About Dr. Clifford F. Loader

1 - The Origin of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and its Objectives
2 - PFA-ICD Relationship, and Founding of the PFA Japanese Section
3 - The First Constitution of the PFA Japanese Section
4 - The Old Constitution of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
5 - Charter, Goblet, and Gavel of the PFA Japanese Section
6 - Early Footsteps of the PFA Japanese Section; Educational Functions; and Summer-time Post-Graduate Dental School
7 - Mitch Nakayama Elected to International Committee
8 - Pierre Fauchard Academy Pledge
9 - Outset of Intemational Functions and Special Fund of the PFA Japanese Section
10 - Death of Dr. Yamauchi, First Chairman. and Mr. Nakayama, First Secretary, and Memorial Gold Medal to Mr. Nakayama
11 - Mitch Nakayama Memorial Award
12 - Awards of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the PFA Foundation
13 - Past and Present of the PFA Japanese Section, by Dr. Reiichi Yamaga
14 - The Original Text in Japanese of the Brief Early History of the PFA Japanese Section
15 - The Face of Hakusui
16 - Post Script
17 - Index

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