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November - December 2022

Affiliated Dental Organization Links

Conseil Ordre National des Chirurgiens-Dentistes 
et le site de la Pierre Fauchard Academy Site in French Langauge and access to password-protected site for professional dentists

 American Academy of the History of Dentistry

The International College of Dentists USA section
This link takes you to website for ICD-USA section

USA Foundation Careers in Dentistry
This link takes you a current index of career information.   

National Museum of Dentistry
These links takes you to a fine museum site.

FDI - World Dental Federation

This federation is the world-wide professional organization for dentistry.

ADA - American Dental Association
Excellent website to visit with many lists of links of interest to dentistry professionals. Public Online Dentist Directory just added, plus list of International dental organizations Password-protected areas for members of ADA also.

Chicago Dental Society

Member link from Belgium: Occlusion ( in french):
For language translations type the WEB address into this page

American College of Dentists 

Academy of Dentistry International 

Suggested Professional Links:

Access to excellent medical information at the National Institutes of Health- U.S. National Library of Medicine. Free access to Medline online database

Courtesy link to professional product resource: