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Update from the Paris 75th Anniversary

Posted June 28, 2011

The 75th Anniversary Celebration in France was a perfect location to honor the formation in 1936 of the Pierre Fauchard Academy by Dr. Elmer S. Best. It was an honor to walk on the same streets in Paris that Pierre Fauchard walked on, and visit the very same Cafe Procope where Fauchard shared meals with his friends and peers, and perhaps even wrote some his two volume book that laid the foundation for modern dentistry.

The 75th Anniversary celebration was very well planned with Lectures in the morning followed by an induction ceremovy for 13 new Fellows, and the receiving of the Awards.

The boat trip on the Seine river was a most pleasant and refreshing voyage from which to see the many outstanding landmarks of Paris: The Louvre, Musee D' Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saint Chapelle, the Eiffel Tower and even a small version of the Statue of Liberty - that marks the friendship between France and the United States.

The evening concluded with a very splendid dinner at the restaurant of the Senat in the Palais du Luxembourg.

- Mark Stanley, Dental World Editor, on location in France