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Michigram #8

Posted April 16, 2011

The Michigan Section of the Academy met on Saturday April 16th 2011 at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids. The meeting started at 7AM in the Gerald Ford Room. We met in conjunction with the Annual Session of the Michigan Dental Association. There were 47 in attendance. Our Trustee, Dr. Cheri Newman gave the invocation and Dr. Hirsch introduced the guests in attendance. Dr. Ross Fraker from the Washington State Section was attending our meeting and he was invited to attend the section meeting. Dr David Campbell introduced two students from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and Dr.Robert Niskar introduced three students from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Each of the students gave a brief talk on their future plans. Dr. Benkhe gave the Secretary's report followed by the Treasurer's report given by Dr. Ruskin. Dr. Boyle gave the Membereship Chairperson's report and Dr. Maihofer gave the Editors report. Our Trustee, Dr. Newman gave her report mentioning the uncoming events the Academy will be having to include the meeting in Paris, France in June 2011. Dr. Newman then presented a "Life Fellow" award to Dr. Hirsch for his many years of service to the Academy. This award originated from the Central Office, and signed by the President of the Academy and the Executive Director. Dr. Hirsch thanked Dr. Newman for her kind words. Dr. Hirsch then presented his report which included the passing of recommendation to purchase a Pierre Fauchard statue from the Oklahoma Section of the Academy. This statue will be placed in the main foyer of the new Michigan Dental Association Building. We also passed a resolution to send $500 dollars to the Japanese Section to help in the relief effort from their recent disaster. We have contacted the Editor of the Academy to ask for help in presenting to the PFA Board our request to sell the Life Membership Lapel Pins and Certificates to any section in the Academy both in the USA and Internationally. Dr. Hirsch then presented the following Doctors for their induction into the Academy: Drs. Marc Dwoskin, Kevin Hale, John Hoitenga and Gregory Maxson. The Fellowship charge and Pledge was read by the Secretary, Dr. Behnke. The Keys, Lapel Pins and certificates were presented by our Trustee and Dr. Hirsch. Dr. hirsch then introduced and presented the Life Member Lapel Pin and Certificate to Dr. Marshall E. Ellens. One of the members of the section inquired about the Bay Cliff Camp project, and our Trustee, Dr. Newman gave an update and said she would present a slide show at our nect meeting. The meeting adjourned at 8:15 so tht the members could attend the various meetings being held. Submitted by: Dr. Edward H. Hirsch, DDS,FPFA, Section Chair.