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Letter from the Japan Section

Posted March 31, 2011

Dear good friends of PFA and all the PFA Fellows in the World,

The recent devastating news on the earthquake(9.0 magnitude), the tsunami that mercilessly attacked the northeastern coast of Japan, and the resulting nuclear power plant damage, have caused shock throughout the world.

As of today on March 25th, 2011 more than 10,000 deaths have been confirmed and another 17,000 people remain missing. The Fellows of PFA Japan Section are fortunately safe from this terrible disaster, though the status of a few of them is not yet clear.

Even though the entire county is devastated by the horrific disaster and worried about all of the victims who are suffering from the extreme circumstances, everyone is keeping their spirits up and are determined to overcome such a combination of tragedies.

We, Fellows of the PFA Japan Section, express “Thank you very much” for your warm compassion and encouragement. 

Yours truly,

PFA Japan Section Chair Keishi Matsumoto (2011)

PFA Region 9 Asia Trustee Kiyoshi Ohura