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Disaster in Japan

Posted March 12, 2011

With great concern and sadness I send our thoughts and prayers to our brothers and sister of Japan who are in the midst of the horrific aftermath of the earthquakes and tsunamis that struck the country yesterday, March 11th. The earthquake registered 8.9 on the Richter scale making it the most devastating quake to hit the region in recorded history.

The Japanese Section of the Pierre Fauchard has been one of the most active of the Academy. One of the highlights of the Academy’s annual meeting is the Japanese’s Trustee’s report to the Board where the Officers anxiously look forward to hearing the latest news about the goings on of our Japanese Fellows. Their dedication to the Academy and its mission is without disputation.

On a personal level, I have come to know past Region 9 Trustee Dr. Mamoru Sakuda, Region 9 Trustee Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura, and the Section Chairman of Japan Dr. Keishi Matsumoto and consider them to be dear and trusted friends. I can only pray that they were not in harms way and that news from them will be forth coming.