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Dr. Brewick's remarks in presenting the award to Dr. Matt Dunn

Posted February 09, 2011

For the Fellows not present at the breakfast. Here is a reprint of Dr. Brewick's remarks in presenting the Pierre Fauchard Academy Journalism Award:

What is an Editorial? An Editorial is usually written by the editor of a publication on his or her own behalf that also represents the views of publication. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

Being an editor, given that responsibility, is a prominent position, but one that is earned only by offering yourself up to intense pressure and scrutiny – particularly when sharing personal opinions with professional colleagues. To be likable, observant, timely and insightful -- in print -- on a regular basis -- with a practice to run and patients to manage -- is no small order. As a former editor, I know from personal experience, it is challenging. It is very different that writing an abstract, it is not scientific in the least… it is personal.

Today, it is my privilege to present the Pierre Fauchard Academy Journalism Award to Matt Dunn for three reasons.

#1: I admit it, I’m a fan of his work –he is an excellent writer with relevant ideas and a distinct style. I enjoyed reading his reflections on the profession, our community and life in general. An artful craftsman.

#2: His credentials speak for themselves. He was youngest contributor to serve on the JADA Editorial Advisory Board. During his editorship with the MDDS Articulator Magazine, his tribute to the late, great Dr. Larry Meskin was prominently reprinted in the ADA News – selected from so many. This is a very special accomplishment. Those fortunate to serve with Matt in the production of the Articulator have praised his abilities and many members of the dental community have remarked that his voice is missed.

#3: It is important to recognize and acknowledge journalistic integrity when you see it – and Matt is a wonderful example of a concept. A concept that is too often overlooked.

Matt, we thank you for representing the profession with class and care.

Know that we appreciate it.

Please don’t stop editorializing the dental profession. Let this award inspire you to keep writing for the masses and encourage you to continuing sharing in this way with your peers.