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News from Latvian section 2010

Posted January 28, 2011

Dear colleagues, in the year 2010 we had various events that we would like to share.

For our annual visit we went to “Liktendarz”, a park in the Latvian country side that holds a special place for many Latvians. A really breath-taking jewel which commemorates Latvian history. The park, located at the shores of the river Daugava, and next to the ruins of the old Koknese castle, serves as a monument to honor the Latvians who lost their lives in war. We planted a tree in the name of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. We hope to see it grow just as we work for the growth of the Foundation as well.

Furthermore, this year one of the members of our section, Anda Brinkmane, was named head of the department of terapeutical dentistry of Rigas Stradinu University.

Also, Ilze Maldupa was given an travel award for her exposition in annual congress of EADPH (European Association of Dental Public Health) in Constanta, Rumania.

We’ve also had a busy year participating and elaborating ideas of several different studies. We are currently conducting a study focusing dental problems characteristic of children below the age of 12. In doing this, we are not only seeking a solution to their problems, but we also want to create a data-base that will help spread the data among the dental community. Also Dr. Inga Rendeniece is working on a project on the dental health problems in pregnant women, and their consequences in the child. Another project we have is to develop a demonstration of the necessity of Flour in Latvia’s water. We have the goal of reaching a consensus with the government so that they implement a policy requiring fluor to be put in the water. We seek to start with Riga, which houses a substantial number of Latvia’s population. Which we hope will help secure a better future for Latvian dental health. We hope to have some concrete results soon, so as to share with you, and start implementing them in Latvia.

As you can see, 2010 was a year filled with news, and we are sure that 2011 will also bring exciting news.

Editor of Latvian Section, Karina Krumina