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January-February 2018

You Are The Future of the Academy

Posted December 01, 2010

Dear Fellows,

I am very honored to serve as President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, the premier dental honor organization in the world. I serve over 8200 Fellows in 10 regions and 105 sections around the world.

The strength of our organization is in the number of its Fellows, and, more importantly, its active Fellows. We must search out new candidates for Fellowship. We must build enthusiasm in the young men and women who will join us, work with us, who believe in the ideals and values we believe in. They will be the trustees and officers for tomorrow. They will allow the Pierre Fauchard Academy to thrive and to continue to serve the dental profession.

The success of our endeavors depends on the numbers of our members. Attrition in our membership is always a concern, as sadly, nothing lasts forever in this world. Some Fellows lose touch with us, some pass away. If we don’t have a stream of new members, the importance of the Academy will be reduced.

If we thrive as an organization, we will continue to be considered an important part of the profession and will be able to continue to do many great things. If our numbers decline, our importance also declines, as does the profession’s trust in us. Participation by others in our myriad of projects will dwindle. Help us maintain our membership. Help us maintain the power in our numbers so that when people hear us, we may continue to act in the best interests of dentistry, dental health, and the interest of humankind.

Hubert Ouvrard, International PFA President