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July-August 2018

Welcome from Dr. Acuna

Posted November 30, 2010

Last October in Orlando, Florida, I had the privilege of being appointed, by the Board of Trustees your Vice President, thus I express my gratitude for trusting in me to guide the future of the Academy.   In my youth at the dental office of my father and grandfather I saw in the small gallery of pictures in the access hall to the waiting room a picture, which caught my attention due to the way his figure looked; through my grandfather I learned his name was Pierre Fauchard. After graduating from the Dentistry School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, years later in 1972 I had the honor to be selected to enter the Mexican section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and there I discovered, in depth, the reason why this man is known as “The Father of Modern Dentistry”.   It is a privilege to belong to this honorable international organization not only for the distinction rendered to those are choosen not only for their leadership roles in the different fields of the profession, but also the opportunity to raise the level of our profession by giving and serving others considering , for example, in the Mentorship program.   Let us practice the Fauchard’s philosophy, “Let us apply the concept of teaching that is exactly the opposite concept to selfishness” “Let us spread the knowledge we had acquired on the art of the dental profession” “Let us contribute to the education of those who are willing to devote themselves to this noble profession”.   Dr. Ernesto Acuna E Vice-President