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Western States REGION 5 update (11/30/10)

Posted November 29, 2010

1. The Oregon Section:

Guided by Dr. Weston Heringer, inducted 3 new Fellows during a dinner celebration on 11/6/10, in Portland. I was privileged to perform their Pledge for Fellowship. Also, I provided the PFA History, an update on Academy & Foundation activities. This was my 4th visit to the Oregon Section!

2. Board of Trustees Meeting October 8, 2010

Vice President Joseph Harris was nominated and voted the Academy’s President–Elect. Region 7 Trustee Ernesto Acuña of México was nominated and voted the new Vice President of the Academy. Also, new trustees, Cheri Newman of Region 4 (Region 2 USA Northeast Region) and Tom Breneman of Region 6 (Canada) were welcomed.

President Hedlund reviewed the past year:

Dr. Richard Kozal’s death; Region 6 (Canada) disenfranchisement & the possibility no dues revenue from Canada; costly meeting in Hawaii in October 2009; the weak economy; Dr. Brophy became a contributing editor and the Academy historian.

The financial situation is on better due to these efforts: restricted President’s travel; quarterly issues of Dental World; streamlining the Central Office; salary adjustments for the Editor and Executive Director; a potential $30K debt incurred from the previous two years--however in 2009--the Academy came in over $30K in the black and 2010 a budget excess of $65K.

The Academy’s accountant Daniel Jonkers gave the financial review: financial condition is a surplus with that continuing for the rest of the year. The 2011 budget will be presented when it becomes available. The Paris celebration has caused some uncertainty - but it is a one-time line item - with hopes that this exceeds the actual cost. The Board of Trustees requested regular updates of the budget and financials of the Academy via emails

A major re-write of our By-Laws and Constitution was done. The Policy manual and Strategic Plan revisions have been initiated. The Hall of Fame re-installation is entering its final stages of completion.

The email voting was initiated successfully. Also, the President improved communications with the Board of Trustees. Two years ago the relationship with the Foundation was strained; but, due to the efforts of the Academy President and the Foundation President, Dr. Jim Long, the relationship is now on the best of terms.

Thanks to Mark Stanley the website is progressing in a positive direction.

The formation of a new section was announced in Latvia.

The President’s trip to Japan and Argentina (where the Elmer Best Award was presented) were spectacular. In February, the President, along with Trustees Dahan, Castagna, and Acuña went to Chicago to meet with the FDI leadership. The situation with the FDI has been very puzzling for the President but he states that he is not ready to give up on it.

The President received in Las Vegas a plaque that was presented in honor of Dr. Richard Kozal by the Nevada Community college. The President announced a scholarship would be given to a dental assistant student in Richard’s name. The Foundation announced it is matching the Academy’s scholarship of $1,500.00.

Other items:

The Board of Trustees requested that the hard copy of the meeting materials be eliminated and information and meeting materials be distributed via electronic means. The necessity of laptops to the meetings was acknowledged and confirmed by the Board.

Region 2 Trustee, Lyn Halik reported on the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame consisted of 17 plaques that were located in the Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. The curator refused to add more plaques to the exhibit unless the museum received more funding from the Academy. The exhibit was located on the 3rd Floor in an area of minimal traffic. Discussions were halted and the museum returned the plaques to the Academy.

The late Dr. Joe Cappuccio campaigned to have the Wall of Fame in the University of Maryland Dental School. After discussions with the Dean it was decided to place the plaques on the wall in the hallway between the Alumni Affairs office and the Dean’s Office, which happens to be a very well traveled area of the school. The school also offered to share the cost of the project such as maintenance and lighting. The wall was decided to be dedicated to Dr. Cappuccio and a dedication ceremony will be planned. The Board agreed to have the Wall at the University of Maryland Dental School and that it be dedicated to Dr. Joe Cappuccio with a celebration upon its completion. $500.00 was allocated for setup costs. This Project will be completed before the next Board of Trustees meeting.

Vice-President Harris, Trustees Halik, Stockwell and Newman agreed to attend the University of Maryland Dean's Alumni Reception that is dedicated to Dr. Joe Cappuccio.

International Dues were previously negotiated by then Secretary General, Dr. Richard Kozal. Presently, the Executive Director works with a representative of a country based on the country’s economic condition. The situation is complicated due to the fact that 46 different countries with 46 distinct economies are dealt with. A Task Force consisting of 2-3 international Fellows, 1 U.S. Fellow and Judith Kozal ED, will be formed to setup parameters by which International Dues. It was decided that Central Office would provide information regarding payments made by every country to the Trustees. This information will be studied for further discussion at the 2011 board meeting. President Ouvard and Trustees Breneman and Sinclair will do advance investigations.

VP Joe Harris gave a Section Chair Caucus report and stated that he presented a brief outline of the structure and history of the Academy. He then spoke extensively on membership, philanthropy and mentorship. He was followed by a presentation by Foundation Executive Director Laura Doyle and Foundation President Jim Long.

Webmaster Mark Stanley followed with a presentation on web operations for the Academy. The floor was then opened for discussion at which time the Section Chairs voiced their concerns regarding: practice of separate bill for national dues and local dues; requested that any request for a donation for the Foundation be included on one statement. Dr. Hedlund reminded the Board that the separate Billings for Foundation donations is at the request of the Foundation. Also, the Trustees have agreed to look into a single dues statement which includes national and local payment. Also the implementation of online credit card payment along with personal check will be investigated.

The Section Chairs also expressed concern about Life Fellows not receiving Dental World. Dr. Hedlund reminded the Board that for a fee of $38.00, a Life Fellow could receive the Dental World. The problem of maintaining the current addresses of Life Fellows brought up. A solution for maintaining a current list will be investigated.

Mark Stanley, the Academy’s Webmaster, provided his report. He announced that the content of the Central Office database is duplicated and is updated to the website directory every month. The website directory is produced by a separate web server-based database the uses data imports from the Central Office. A modified version of this server-based database is provided to the Foundation. Problems with this data, specifically life member status, have occurred. Acquiring and correlating email addresses of the Fellowship is in process. These email addresses will become the focal point and provide a secure method of log-in to the website's special Member Services area that is private and customized for each Fellows based upon their role in the Academy. Via these email addresses Fellows can be identified along with where they live and what section they belong to. The Section Chairs, or each Fellow, can update the email addresses, as they change quite frequently.

Mark Stanley, also the Dental World editor, states that the Academy’s relationship with Elsevier is greatly improved. He announced that a color Dental World insert would be debuted January 2011. He also mentioned the possibility of separating Dental World and Dental Abstracts for economic reasons. Dental World is usually uploaded to a month after the hard copy has been released so that the international members can have a color version available to download and read. The website has moved to a different server allowing a larger availability of tools and more security... especially for online credit card transactions.

Vice–President Harris gave the Awards Committee report. The Elmer Best Award was given to Dr. Jose Carlos Elgoyhen of Argentina. PFA President Steve Hedlund presented Dr. Elgoyhen the award in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November of 2009. The Dental Trade Award goes to Kim Sung Youn, CEO of Mr. Curette Tech of Korea. Drs. Larry Barrett and James Brophy III will both receive President’s Awards. The 2010 Gold Medal Award recipient is Dr. Jeanne C. Sinkford, director of the American Dental Education Association. Trustees Castagna and Sinclair gave their report on the Strategic Plan. The current plan that they revamped is approximately 5 years old and is more than likely built from previous existing plans. No direct recommendations were brought to the Board other than a formal revision should be done. President Hedlund questioned that the Strategic Plan needs to be reviewed but possibly completely redone to which Trustee Castagna affirmed. The Trustees were asked for their individual efforts in providing input towards revising the Strategic Plan. Issues of membership were decided to be tied into the Strategic Plan and therefore will be discussed in the future. It was agreed that at the next board meeting, 2011, all Trustees would meet with a facilitator and act upon what has been correlated.

The FDI membership was discussed and many concerns if a mutual benefit would occur if the Academy continued its membership (the Academy held membership in the FDI in 2009 and 2010). The Board decided to disassociate the Academy from the FDI for 2011.

It was proposed to increase the Section Allowance to $500.00 from $300.00. A uniform fill-in-the blank application form should be placed on the Academy’s website in order to make the process less cumbersome for the Section Chairs.

The 75th Anniversary Celebration in Paris, France was discussed. President Hedlund stated that the Trustees are not required to attend. A discussion began about a partial stipend be allowed towards the expenses of Trustees for attendance. Final discussions were postponed until the next board meeting.

Board of Trustees Meeting October 10, 2010

Trustee Halik reported about the officer’s appearance at the University of Maryland’s Alumni Reception. Regarding the Hall of Fame, Trustee Halik repeated that the plaques must be repaired, and the improved design and presentation of the plaques would reflect on PFA’s visibility as co-sponsors for the project.

Elsevier Senior Publisher, Jane Ryley and Dental Abstracts Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Douglas Berkey addressed the Board. They both gave an overview of how Dental Abstracts is handled and the process of coming to print. They also spoke about the future of DA with the possibility of it being exclusively online. Ms. Ryley said that she has discussed with Mark Stanley the possibility of producing extra 3,000-10,000 copies of a special 2011 issue that celebrates the Academy’s 75th Anniversary. They ask for suggestions from the Board about improving DA. The Board unanimously agreed that DA was a superb publication. It was suggested that a means of providing DA to graduate students and residents be looked into. They reconfirmed that DA will be published in full color as of January 2011.

The stipend for Trustees attending the 75th Anniversary Celebration in Paris, was again addressed and approved. The Policy Manual was reviewed in order to be ascertained if it was in conflict with the Academy’s By-Laws. In May 2010, the Executive Committee deleted all parts that were determined to be in conflict with the By-Laws. It was concluded that this should be done next year in concert with the Foundation.

A Policy Procedure Manual for Section Chairs was determined to be reviewed, revised and updated.

Vice-President Harris said that he would investigate the possibility of incorporating Directors Desk into the Academy’s affairs as a means of replacing hard copy board books and other board business.

Mark Stanley, Academy Dental World editor, reviewed the year and informed the Board of upcoming projects, which includes the implementation of new technologies. Mr. Stanley asks for assurance from the Board that he will continue to have budgetary support to continue these endeavors. Account Dan Jonker informed the Board of the annual estimated budgets for Dental Abstracts and the Dental World. Mr. Stanley stated that as of 2011 the Dental World will be printed in color and this change along with help from programmers on database configurations, will require an additional funds.

Mr. Jonker reiterated that the present budget is tentative due to the anticipation of new Fellows and the potential loss of present Fellows. He stated that the Academy is conservative regarding income and buildup the expenses so that there are no surprises at the end of the year. President Hedlund said that final financials will not be in until January 2011 and at the time of the final figures a budget for 2011 can be drafted. Officers Harris and Eller requested that efforts be made to organize and track Life-Fellows in the database. President Hedlund and Trustee Halik stated that this effort should be driven by Central Office but initiated by the Section Chairs.

The Board meeting was adjourned.