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2012 PFA Region 5 Trustee Report

Posted September 06, 2012

This is my first year serving as PFA Region 5 International Trustee, and it isn’t over yet. I started my term by contacting all my Section Chairs by letter; introducing myself and offering any help or backup that they may need. My Region includes Alaska; Arizona; Northern California; Southern California, Hawaii; Washington; Oregon; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; Wyoming; Utah and the Pacific Islands.

We had a fair amount of activity in my Region. The high point was re-establishing a Section in Idaho. Along with Section Chair Greg Bengston and Co-Chairs Steve Bruce and Jim Robson; PFA Vice President Dan Castanga and I initiated 17 new Fellows on 18 July.

In addition, I also attended the Oregon Section Meeting along with Dan as well. In June, my Section (Washington) held their meeting and both Dr Joe Harris (PFA International President) and Dr Dan Castagna attended. We brought in a new Section Chair, Dr John Carbery, from Yakima to replace me.

I am about half way through my first year as trustee. So far, it has been rewarding. Membership and activity in PFA Region 5 are both up. My Section Chairs have been contacted and Section Heads for the most part have been responsive. Section Chair report forms were sent out.

Problem sections (those with no activity or response to my attempts to contact them) are Alaska (three members) and the Pacific Islands (no members). I have a contact in Alaska and am working on getting an active section there. I would be happy to do a Section visit to the Pacific Islands and am working on that one as well.

I am looking forward to the Pierre Fauchard Academy Annual Meeting in San Francisco and have encouraged my Section Chairs to attend as well. As the summer ends I will send out another letter to them reminding them about our meeting and the Section Chair Caucus Meeting as well. As always, I have reinforced the idea of increased membership and activities for each Section. Toward the end of the year, I plan to send out a letter encouraging Section Chairs to apply for Foundation Section Grants.

— Barry A Feder DDS, PFA Region 5 Trustee