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Nevada Section News for 2010

Posted November 16, 2010

During the past year of 2010, the Nevada Section and it's Fellows have made significant accomplishments in our goals of membership, fellowship, and community service.

In the area of membership, state wide we have welcomed 29 new Fellows to raise our active membership to 89 from 60 (a 50% increase) with several more outstanding dentists showing interest. Our Nevada "life" members still number 18 for a total of 107 Nevada Fellows.

Northern and southern Nevada had a total of 4 dinner meetings in 2010 that were all well attended with the added pleasure of having International Past Presidents, Dr. Chuck Eller, Dr. Steve Hedlund and wife Chris, and Region 5 Trustee Dr. Dan Castagna flying in to attend. Many thanks to our leadership for taking their time to travel to our Reno and Las Vegas meetings.

Last and possibily the most significant, have been the community service projects accomplished here in Nevada. With a combination of Nevada Section and the PFA Foundation help, we have awarded 4 scholarships (2 dental student, 1 hygiene student, 1 assisting student). Additional grants from the Foundation helped the "Give Kids a Smile" program and the "Huntridge Homeless Clinic". Also a Nevada Section grant went to the "Miles for Smiles" program which provides funds to needy southern Nevada dental patients.

All in all, a very good year. Many thanks to all those in and outside of Nevada that made it all possible.