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July-August 2018

2010 Awards and Installation Dinner

Posted August 23, 2010

PFA section 6 (Canada)hosted its annual meeting and induction ceremonies on Sunday May 30th in Montreal at the Hotel Nelligan. Here we recognised Dr. Diane Legault, President of the Order of Dentists and Dr. Paul Germain co-founder of "Dentists without Borders" for their Distinguished Service and Maitre Caroline Daoust, our Honourary 2010 Fellow.

Among the many present were Dr. Ronald Smith ( President Canadian Dental Association), CDA Past Presidents Dr's Bernard Dolansky, Louis Dube, George Sweetnam, & Don Friedlander, Dr Serge Langlois ( Pres. ACDQ ), Dr. Larry Levin ( Pres. O.D.A. ), Dr. Frank Stechey ( Pres. Royal College Ont.), Dr. John O'Keefe ( Editor JCDA ), Dr. Denis Forest ( Dir. ODQ- JDQ )and Past Quebec Section Chair Guy Maranda

Dr Barry Dolman Chair of PFA Canada presided over the event with incoming International Trustee Dr. Tom Breneman, where close to $80,000 raised by the PFA Canada was granted to the ten Faculties of Dentistry to encourage the teaching development of of new technologies. Deans from across the country that graciously attended and support PFA were Gilles Lavigne , Paul Allison, Andre Fournier, Thomas Boran, David Mock, and Harinder Sandu.

Fourteen new fellows were also inducted into PFA during the evening Dr.Harinder Sandu , Dr. David Mock, Dr. Trevor Chin Quee, Dr. Luc Gauthier, Dre. Maryse Major, Dr. Rejean Labrie, Dr Sylvie Duranleau, Dr. Carl Tremblay, Dr. Benoit Soucy, Dr. Christian Robin, Dr. Charles-Antoine Hudon, Dr Stephane Roy, Dre. Mireille Savoie, and Dr. Corey Felix

Ten students including Ms. Jeanne Sansfacon (U.Laval), Mr. Tudor-Ioan Sitharu (U. de Mtl),Mr. Evan Wiens ( U.B.C. ) , Mr. Ausama Mohamed ( U. Alberta )Ms. Alison Schubert ( U. Sask ) Mr. Geoff McIntosh ( U. Sask ) Ms. Jackie Samborski ( U. Manitoba ) Ms. Nelly Hashem ( U. Western Ont. ) Mr. David Lee ( U of T. ) were awarded the PFA Foundation Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 through the additional support of Canadian Fellows.

Finally in a pilot project this year PFA Canada began a what we hope will be a tradition. That is giving back locally and directly to one aspect of community service within our host city. The Children's Breakfast Program in Quebec supported by the Fond ODQ was chosen as our targeted project for 2010 in the spirit " that we cannot nourish the minds of children if they are hungry " PFA Canada was pleased to be able to contribute a compilation of checks totalling $5,000 to this very worthwhile endeavour.

PFA Canada will be holding our 2011 annual event next year in Halifax, Nova Scotia with the help of our Atlantic Section Chair Dr. Alfred Dean