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Posted December 10, 2009

The Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met for their semi-annual meeting on Saturday 21 November 2009. We met at the Marriott Hotel in Detroit in conjunction with the Detroit District Dental Society's 68th Dental Review.

We had a total of 38 individuals in attendance to include the following VIP personnel. Dr. David Campbell, Past International President of the Academy and Past President of the Academy Foundation. Dr. Joe C. Harris, International Vice President. Dr. Ray Gist, President-Elect of the American Dental Association. Dr. Fares Elias, President-Elect of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Jane Grover, Candidate for the 64th District State Representative office. Dr. Marilyn Woolfolk, Assistant Dean of the UM Dental School and her husband, Gerald. Dr. Sherif Badr, Instructor of the year Awardee from the UDM School of Dentistry and his wife, Pam. Dr. Danielle Ruskin, President of the Detroit District Dental Society and her husband, Dr. Aaron Ruskin, President-Elect of the Livingston County Dental Society.

We did not have a Trustee report since there was none announced to take the place of Dr. Joe Harris. The Treasurer's repaort was given by Dr. Hirsch and as stated, he gave a very brief over-view of our finances, since our Treasurer, Dr. Edward Sarkisian has retired. A motion was made and seconded for an increase in state dues from $15 annually to $30 a year. The motion passed. The Secretary and Editor both gave very brief reports and the Program Chairperson, Dr. Pat Boyle advised all that there would be a cut off date of February 1st for Fellowship applications, those arriving afteer that date would be considered for the following year.

The UM Dental School Foundation Scholarship Awardee, Ms. Ashley McLean was introduced and she thanked all present for the scholarship monies. Three dental students from UM Dental School were introduced by Dr. Campbell.

We had an induction ceremony for Dr. Danielle Ruskin who joined the MI Section of PFA and will take on the new responsibility of Section Treasurer.

Dr. Woolfolk was presented with a plaque for her service to the Academy of over 16 years as Secretary and UM Liaison. Dr. Badr was presented with a plaque honoring his over 27 years of teaching at UDM as our Instructor of the Year Awardee.

Dr. Jane Grover announced her cnadidacy for the 64th State Representative, a past ADA 2nd Vice President.

The meeting adjourned at 0830 after all finished their breakfasts.

Edward H. Hirsch, DDS, FPFA MI Section Chairman