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Hawaii 2009

Posted October 12, 2009

The PFA International met on October 2 through October 4 at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii in conjunction with the ADA annual meeting.

The meeting started off with the Section Chair Caucus which was hosted by Region 3 Trustee Karyn Stockwell of Georgia. 24 people were in attendance. Chairpersons Jay Harrington of Georgia, John Reese of South Carolina, Cindy Bolton of North Carolina, Richard Petty of Utah, Frank Braun of Germany, Barry Feder of Washington, Roger Turkel of Rhode Island, Kushi Matsumoto of Japan, Greg McGann of New Jersey, Hermogenes Villareal of the Philippines, Diampo Lim of the Philippines, Norberto Montheil of Argentina and Lynn Halik of New York shared ideas and information about their respective sections and collectively dialoged about ways and means of bettering the Academy at local levels.

The PFA web master, Mark Stanley, debuted the new Academy web page ( to the Chairpersons and informed them that a section is now available exclusively for Section Chairs to post relative information for their respective region.

The Board of Trustees began their sessions on October 2nd. The first order of business was a moment of silence for long time Executive Director Dr. Richard Kozal.

Foundation president, Dr. Jim Long, introduced the new Foundation Executive Director, Mrs. Laura Fleming Doyle of Herndon, Virginia to the Board. Dr. Long informed all that in 2008 the Foundation received 40 grant requests of which 35 were approved resulting in over $385,000.00 of funds awarded. Due to the recent global economic slowdown, grant rewards are expect to be more conservative for the coming year.

Dr. Richard Walsh of Rhode Island completed his second term of outstanding service as Region 2 Trustee. Due to term limits Dr. Walsh has been replaced by Dr. Lynn Halik of New York.

Dr. Karyn Stockwell of Georgia has been reappointed for a second term as Region 3 Trustee.

Dr. Dan Castagna of California has been reappointed for a second term as Trustee for Region 5.

Drs. Steve Hedlund (U.S), Hubert Ouvrand (France) and Dr. Joseph Harris (U.S.) were inducted as President, President-Elect and Vice President respectively.

The job description of the new Academy Executive Director, Judith Kozal, was reviewed and discussed. In May 2009, Mrs. Kozal was given a three-year contract.

The budget was reviewed and discussed. Many cost saving measures were proposed for implementation in the near future.

The Constitution and By-Laws were reviewed. Non-functioning committees were eliminated. The President and Board of Trustee’s power to create Ad Hoc committees when deemed necessary was reconfirmed.

Life membership was previously awarded to Fellows of ten years who no longer claim dentistry as a means of earning a living or to Fellows of ten year and are 65 years or older. The condition of Life Membership is now only constituted to the previous.

Procedurally, Academy meeting will be conducted according to Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure as opposed to the previously application of Robert’s Rules.

In memory of Dr. Kozal a scholarship will be established in his name for dental assisting students at UNLVA and the dental museum at UNLVA will be named after him.

The following awards will be presented:

PFA Gold Medal Dr. Eugene Sekiguchi

The Certificate of Merit Dr. (General) Robert E. Brady

Elmer S. Best Award 2009 Dr.Zbigniew Janczuk (Poland)

Elmer S. Best Award 2010 Dr. Jose Carlos Elgoyhen

The Dental Trade and Industry Mr. Gilles Pierson

The President’s Award Dr. Malcolm David Campbell and Dr. Nicholas Saccone

2009 Active Fellow dues is $125.00 USD while New Fellows pay $125.00 plus a one-time initiation 150.00.

Be sure to view the photographs of the 2009 PFA International meeting by clicking on the appropriate link at the right hand side of this page.