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San Francisco PFA Meeting September, 2007

Posted September 26, 2009

Report from Dr Jonathan Rogers Trustee Region 8 San Francisco Pierre Fauchard Meeting September 27th –October 1st 2007 Marriott Hotel

I have recently returned from this very successful meeting and I am pleased to present my final report as your Trustee for Region 8. Section Chair Caucus Meeting The meeting commenced at 8am Friday September 27th with a caucus meeting of Section Chairs together with the Officers of the PFA This was a vigorous meeting ably lead by Dr Dan Castagna from Region 5 (Western Region USA) where many views were shared and discussed. There was an obvious theme throughout the meeting which centered on the need for efficient communication between the Central office and the Sections and also from and between Fellows. Obviously the Internet Website and email will be the prime conduit for this to occur. Each section reported on its various activities and some of the ideas are innovative. For instance some regions have a ‘White Coat’ ceremony whereby Undergraduate students entering the clinical phase of their education are each presented with a white coat embroidered, presented and sponsored by the PFA. Mentorship and involvement with the teaching schools in dentistry was a very strong theme especially in the USA. Other regions such as Georgia have a smart PFA Folder presented to new incumbent Fellows which includes a welcome package and information for new Fellows. Other views shared included the need for a newer, smarter PFA banner. The most important issue was the need to repatriate the Foundation rebate to each Section efficiently in order to fund regional projects. This will need to be progressed by the Regional Trustees through to the section Chairs. Other issues discussed included recruitment of new Fellows and the criteria for Fellowship were defined to the following:

1. 5 years minimum in practice (post graduation) 2. Exemplifies professional ethics and skills 3. Displays leadership skills 4. Contribution to the profession and /or community

This meeting afforded me the opportunity to meet many other colleagues from around the world and also to hear and observe what other Sections are doing. Our Region can hold its head high, but there are further opportunities for the PFA in our Region to expand its role.

Board of Trustees Meeting Meetings continued throughout the weekend including the Board meetings which I attended. Dr Bill Winspear in his final role as International President presided over these meetings with his usual flair and efficiency. Many and various reports were presented too numerous to detail here but needless to say most Regions are very active and we can look forward to many opportunities globally. For instance the next international dental meeting in Sao Paulo Brazil in 2008 is a very big meeting and it will be open to PFA Fellows free of charge if they wish to attend. This has been orchestrated by Dr Ernesto Acuna Trustee of Region 7.

The need for a generational change throughout the PFA was apparent commencing with our current communication abilities and the updated Website together with improved email abilities will be paramount to this end. This will necessitate an upgrade of the current directory to improve ease of use and to include email addresses of Fellows where authorized and appropriate

Dr Winspear reported on his year’s activities which can be read on his web page and in Dental World. Needless to say he has represented the PFA and Australasia admirably and tirelessly throughout the year. The highlights were his visits to New Orleans, Oklahoma, India –the latter being the induction of the Hall of Fame recipient Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed.

Awards Ceremony The Awards luncheon on Saturday September 28th in the Marriott Hotel was a great occasion. It included the induction of new Fellows from Region 5, induction of the new Officers for PFA and several well deserved awards. The proceedings of this important event will be reported in Dental World in due course. One of these was the Elmer Best Award given to an outstanding Dentist outside the USA. If you look at the recipients of this ward on the Website you will see some household names in dentistry. This award is not given lightly. I am please and proud to report the recipient for this award for 2007 was Dr Patrick Henry from Perth Australia. Most of you will know Patrick (those of you who don’t must be living under a rock!) but many of you may not know his exhaustive CV. His contributions to dentistry in Australia are enormous, but he also commands great respect from many colleagues in other countries where he has also made significant contributions. I was pleased indeed to be present when he and his wife Kerry were honoured at this meeting and received a standing ovation. Other great leaders were recognized at this meeting and the detail of these interesting and eminent people can be read in Dental World. However I would be remiss if I did not report that Dr Bill Winspear was honoured also at this meeting for his very successful year as the PFA President and he gave a wonderful speech which was both humble and humorous. With due aplomb he then presented the incoming President Dr Jim Englander with the Presidential Office for 2008. Thanks Bill for representing us so well. We can also look forward to great leadership from Dr Englander.

This was also my final meeting as your Trustee and it is with some regret that I have decided to relinquish my position as the International Trustee for our Region. Personal and professional commitments dictate that it is time for me to hand over the reigns. It has been decided to combine the position of Section Chair and International Trustee for our region and I am pleased that Dr Mark Sinclair as the current Chair of our Section has agreed to assume the role of Trustee also. I highly commend him to the Academy and he will undoubtedly represent our Region and the Academy admirably. I wish him every success in his new role.

I take this opportunity to thank my Colleagues and friends from the International body and my Section Trustees for all their support and camaraderie. I particularly thank all the Fellows in Australasia for their support, friendship and encouragement over the many years I have been involved in this great organisation. I look forward to observing its growth and stature over the years to come.

J P H Rogers October 4th 2007 June 2007 News

Hall of Fame- Inaugural Australasian Recipient

Our Region was pleased and proud indeed that PR Begg was inducted to the Hall of Fame this year. A ceremony in Adelaide celebrating this event is reported below. This celebration was followed the next night by a very successful dinner at the Adelaide Club hosted by Dr Rick Sawers -Trustee for the Regional Board. This was well attended and Dr Mark Sinclair -President of the Region for PFA and also Dr Bill Winspear International President both gave excellent speeches. Dr Ian Watson a PFA Fellow and well respected orthodontist also presented greetings from the International Asian Orthodontic community acknowledging Dr Begg's place in history. It was a very enjoyable night and will be followed in other States by similar events, providing opportunity for comraderie amongst the Fellows.

It has been a buoyant time for the PFA in Australasia due to a vibrant Regional group of Trustees and also the generous distribution of Foundation Student Scholarships which highlights the philanthropy of this organisation. I am pleased to announce that all 6 Dental Schools will receive a Foundation Scholarship for a worthy undergraduate commencing this year.

The following is a report from Prof Wayne Sampson describing the PR Begg Ceremony.

'Pierre Fauchard Academy inducts Dr P. Raymond Begg AO into the International Hall of Fame'

It may have been the first day of winter but for the large group of people who attended the ceremony to induct Dr P. Raymond Begg into the Pierre Fauchard Academy’s Hall of Fame there was a warm feeling of pride in the exceptional achievements of our famous Adelaide orthodontist. The induction formally recognized Dr Begg’s life and profound contributions to dentistry over a professional career spanning nearly 60 years of innovation which revolutionized the practice of orthodontics worldwide. From his birth in a tent on the Coolgardie goldfields in 1898, Percy Raymond Begg studied dentistry in Melbourne, gained his orthodontic training at the renowned Edward H. Angle College of Orthodontia in Pasadena, California in 1924-25 before returning to Adelaide where he taught orthodontics until his retirement from the University of Adelaide Dental School in 1964. However, he did not retire from private orthodontic practice until 1980 and had been in huge demand on the international scene to teach his philosophy and treatment technique. The revolutionary nature of Dr Begg’s approach to orthodontic practice had an enormous transforming effect which still impacts upon contemporary orthodontic systems. With the indefatigable support of local colleagues, like Milton Sims and Geoffrey Brown, the Begg appliance and unique treatment approach firmly placed Adelaide on the world stage.

The induction is highly significant in that Dr Begg is the first Australian of only 17 historically famous dentists to be honoured in the Hall of Fame by the Pierre Fauchard Academy. There will be another induction ceremony in Paris on the 12th June, 2007 to further confirm the international significance of this important event. Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) is recognized as the Father of Modern Dentistry who raised the art and practice of dental procedures to a dignified profession within the medical and health sciences.

Plaques commemorating the induction were presented by the International President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, Dr William Winspear, to Dr Begg’s daughter Mrs Diana Coates and Lieutenant General John Coates as well as to Professor Johann de Vries, Dean of the School of Dentistry and Professor Wayne Sampson, inaugural P. R. Begg Chair of orthodontics. Other guests included the Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Mr Michael Harbison and the Lady Mayoress Kate Harbison; Malcolm Begg Snr and Malcolm Begg Jr; Dr Martin Dooland, Chief Executive Officer of the South Australian Dental Service; Mrs Helen Sims; Dr Ian Watson, Oceania Representative for the World Federation of Orthodontists. The Pierre Fauchard Academy was also represented by the International Trustee Dr Jonathon Rogers, the Australasian Section President, Dr Mark Sinclair and Dr Rick Sawers, South Australian Trustee.

It was a memorable evening with many highlights, including a superb presentation by Dr John Jenner who spoke with the knowledge and affection of having worked with Dr Begg in the latter years of his practising life. Although Dr Begg died in January 1983, his influence upon dentistry has been so profound that he has continued to receive honours of great significance such as inclusion as the only dentist among the 200 most influential Australians during the bi-centennial celebrations in 1988 and the Powerhouse Museum’s listing in 2001of the 100 Australian landmark innovations for the 20th century.

Prof. Wayne Sampson Director Begg Orthodontic Clinic Adelaide University Sydney Regional Dinner

I am pleased to report that a further Regional dinner was recently held in Sydney at the Wharf Restaurant on the Sydney Harbour foreshore with 74 attendees. This was a celebration for the PFA locally as well as the forthcoming induction of Dr. Bill Winspear as the new International President. He is looking forward to following the footsteps of our current and well-respected President Howie Mark and will certainly place his own footprint on the Academy. Chairman, Dr Mark Sinclair and his wife Judy hosted the dinner and the Master of Ceremonies was Dr Patrick Meaney. Honoured guests included the Federal President ADA Dr Bill O'Reilly and his wife Susan, NSW ADA President Dr Chris Wilson, the CEO ADA NSW Dr Matthew Fisher, emeritus President ICD Dr Syd. Dobbin, Dr Norton Duckmanton, to name a few.

Dr Bill Winspear responded to the Chairman's speech given in his honour and conveyed greetings from the Board of Trustees and indicated his enthusiasm for his forthcoming role as President. He also acknowledged all those who had contributed to his career and professional life.

The dinner was enjoyed by all and the enthusiasm for this event will ensure it is held every year or so between the major biennial event coinciding with the Australian Dental Association Congress. Greetings to all Fellows of the Australasian Section of Pierre Fauchard Academy.

From the Desk of International Trustee: Dr Jonathan Rogers; Section Chairman: Dr Mark Sinclair; and Region 8 Trustees: Dr Gerry Clausen, Dr Patrick Meaney, Dr Richard Sawers

It is an honour for us to represent you, both within Australasia and Internationally.

We plan further local events for Fellows throughout Australasia so Fellows become more involved in the PFA and are kept abreast of PFA issues both here and abroad.

We know many of you have great ideas about PFA. We would be pleased to hear from any of you. Please drop us a line if you wish.

Hope to see you in Sydney or Las Vegas.

Jonathan Rogers - e-mail address:

Mark Sinclair - e-mail address:

Gerry F Clausen - e-mail address:

Patrick Meaney - e-mail address:

Rick Sawers - e-mail address: Las Vegas

The Academy will meet in Las Vegas October 2006 during the American Dental Association annual meeting. Attendance estimates for the ADA are placed at 60,000 attending this meeting.

We would encourage Fellows who may be contemplating travel to the USA to attend the meeting and also PFA events during this time. The induction of President- elect Dr William Winspear from Sydney to the Presidency, as the first ever Australian to head this Academy, is a milestone that the Australasian Section can be proud of and is another reason to attend this memorable event. Sydney

The Australasian Section is also planning a dinner in Sydney for Saturday September 2nd 2006 so Fellows can meet and enjoy an evening of celebration. Details of this event have been posted to you. Please contact the Secretariat if you have not received an invitation. Nominations

We also wish to encourage all Fellows to consider others in the Profession who are worthy of nomination for Fellowship in the Academy. The criteria for nomination should include those who have contributed either or both to the community and the profession above and beyond their normal vocation and responsibilities- and of course to be of good standing as a practising dentist. Please contact Chairman Mark Sinclair or any of the Trustees