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2009 State Reports

Posted September 24, 2009


The Illinois section met during the Chicago Mid-Winter. An executive council meeting was held with six people in attendance. All affairs were reported in order.

After the executive meeting the section held a meeting in conjunction with the ACD and ICD. Seventy-five people were in attendance, forty of which were PFA Fellows.

One new Fellow was inducted.

In May, a special memorial service was held for Dr. Richard Kozal.


The Wisconsin section met on May 1, 2009. There were 110 Fellows in attendance. 9 new Fellows were inducted.

The outgoing president of the Wisconsin Dental Association was recognized with an award from the Wisconsin section.

In September of 2009, Wisconsin will host its mentoring program at the Marquette School of Dentistry. 170 dentists and 150 students are expected to participate.

The next section meeting will be May 14, 2010.


The Indiana section held its annual meeting on May 7, 2009. There were 35 Fellows in attendance. Eight new Fellows were inducted.

Indiana University senior dental student, T.J. Collins was presented with the Student of the Year Award.

The next meeting will be held in May 2010 n conjunction with the Indiana Dental Association Annual meeting.


The MI Section of PFA held its semi-annual meeting in conjunction with the Detroit Dental Society Dental Review on Friday 14 November 2008 at 0700 hrs. The meeting took place at the Detroit Marriott Hotel and had 34 members/guests in attendance. Dr. Edward H. Hirsch was officially inducted as the new State Chairman by Drs. David Campbell and Trustee Joseph C. Harris. Three Instructors of the year were presented plaques by Dr. Hirsch, Dr. Jose L. Vivas, University of Michigan, Drs John Molinari, Gail Molinari, University of Detroit Mercy. Also in attendance was this years Univ. of Michigan student Awardee Mr. Patrick Kennedy and Mr. Matthew Moberg, Univ. of Detroit-Mercy student Awardee. Our new Articles of Incorporation was discussed and voted on by the membership. New Officers of the MI Section were introduced, Drs. Jehan Wakeem, Secretary, Patricia Boyle, Membership Chairperson, Edward Sarkisian, Treasurer, Michael Maihofer, Editor. The next meeting will be in the spring of 2009 in conjunction with the Michigan Dental Association Annual Meeting in Lansing, MI. This will be a luncheon meeting and new Fellows will be inducted at that time. The MI Section Board met for a short meeting to lay out plans for the coming year. Ed Hirsch, Section Chairperson

Mich April 24, 2009 meeting

The Michigan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met for their Semi-Annual meeting in conjunction with the Michigan Dental Association Annual Meeting. The meeting was held on April 24,2009 In Lansing Michigan. The meeting was carried out during a luncheon Format at eh Radisson Hotel, Lansing, MI. In attendance were 37 Fellows and Guests plus an additional 18 Past Presidents of the Michigan Dental Association and some MDA Staff members. This meeting was to Honor Mrs Geraldine Cherney, CAE, Past Executive Director of the MDA. She was awarded an Honorary Membership in the Academy. Also 12 new Fellows were inducted during the meeting with the usual format being followed. Special Guests in Attendance were Malcolm D. Campbell, Acting Executive Director of the PFA Foundation, Joseph C. Harris, Trustee Mr. Craig Start the President of the Michigan Dental Association Insurance and Financial Group who also brought greeting from the Association. Mr John Cherney, the Honoree\'s husband. During the meeting, the Annual Michigan Section of PFA\'s proposed program was outlined. Respectfully submitted by State Chairman, Dr. Edward H. Hirsch.


The Kentucky section met on April 4, 2009 in conjunction with the Kentucky Dental Association annual meeting. The meeting was held with the ACD and ICD.

15 of the attendees were PFA Fellows. Three new Fellows were inducted , all of which are faculty at the University of Kentucky dental school.

The student awards were presented.

In June, PFA Fellows donated dental services to participants of the Special Olympics.

Fellows also donated dental services to the Free Mission Dental Clinic.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 2010.


The Ohio section will hold its annual meeting in September during the Ohio State Dental Association meeting.

No new activity to report since the last meeting.


No report.