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July-August 2018

San Francisco PFA Meeting

Posted October 11, 2007

The ADA made a wise decision when they selected San Francisco for the Annua Meeting of 2007. San Francisco is an exceptional tourist attraction with numerous sites to see along with their world famous restaurants.

However, I am proud to state that the Foundation Board of the Pierre Fauchard Academy did not participate in these tourist attractions..well, .perhaps a couple of the world renown restaurants..We met two days from 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. with working lunches.

Our challenge was that there were so many worth while grant applications to provide dental care for the most needy throughout the world. We had more valid grant requests than we had money available.

Can you imagine the frustration we faced while we wanted to award the outstanding grants but had limited dollars available? For example, there is the dentist who goes to Haiti every year at his own expense. . He scrounges up donations from anyone and provides dental care for people who cannot even afford food! He also entices new graduates from the Haitian Dental School to work with him and encourages them to establish free clinics in other needy areas. We were able to fund his grant request.

Another interesting grant request was for an incredibly neglected population in a remote part of Mexico where volunteer dentists are flown in by Flying Doctors so that residents of that area receive dental treatment. They provide the only dental care available. We funded grants for clinics in Georgia, West Virginia and Minnesota in which volunteer dentists provide care for indigents, homeless, low income and uninsured patients.

These are just a few of the grants which the Foundation provides. I know you are pleased and proud of the impact that the PFA Foundation is making on the dental profession while relieving dental disease among the needy.

This year we have funded $225,660 in grants. We have also provided scholarships in the amount of $113,500 to dental students throughout the world. This brings our total to $339,160 in 2007. Doesn't it make you proud that we are able to help our profession help others?

I am also proud of our website. It is, in my opinion, unequaled throughout the dental world. This plum is due to the work of our Past PFA President and present Foundation Board member, Dr. Michael Perpich. To illustrate, we received an email from one of our Fellows, Dr. Jose Dahan our Section Chair of Brussels, Belgium, who obviously is very pleased with our website. I quote from his email, " What a pleasant surprise and how easy and convenient this site appears for editing news, articles and so on. On behalf of our section, let me tell you how grateful we are for the job done and this great support. Now we can start communicating with Section Chairs and Fellows in and outside Europe in order to share with them and the Board, worries,experiences, tips, suggestions and mostly friendship and camaraderie.Thanks for this wonderful gift and efficient tool! Please express our gratitude to the board, the webmaster and to all those who helped us and believe with us with such a communicating tool. Warm and thankful regards, Jose."

Malcolm David Campbell,

President, Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation