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July-August 2018

Section Chair News Pages - initial testing underway

Posted September 24, 2007

This month we are ready to test the new Section Chair News Pages, which are customized web site pages that allow each Chair to log-in with their Username and Password, and then they can edit contact information, add recent news articles that they write, post calendar events in their region that PFA members might want to know about, and even display their favorite website URLS that take visitors to other websites of interest to their dental community.

A few of these special pages will be set up for Section Chairs who might want to jump aboard right away. To try one out: just contact the Central Office and put in a request to have one prepared for you. Your custom link and password will be sent to you via your email, then log-in and edit away!

PHOTOS NEEDED: Any PFA Chair who would like a web News Page for their section also needs to send a photo via email to the Central Office, then we can upload the image so it will appear in the top right corner of their page. If a visitor clicks on the image- then a special web email form will pop-up to allow a message to be typed and sent immediately to the Section Chair.

This year all Officers and Trustees also have access to their own custom News Pages to help them communicate more easily online in their Academy and Foundation roles