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Greetings, Region news, and 2007 PFA S. F. Meeting

Posted January 15, 2007

Greetings from Western Region 5 US please continue reading 4 items below reguarding the Western US Sections Section Chairperson Caucus:

Daniel. M Castagna, FPFA Trustee, Western Region 5, United States

1) Oregon Section, guided by Dr. Weston Heringer, inducted 12 new Fellows during a dinner celebration on 11/2/07. I was privileged to perform their Pledge for Fellowship.

2) The PFA Officers Board of Trustees met in October in San Francisco for the Annual PFA Business meeting. Many important and relevant resolutions were debated and resolved. New Officers were elected so please visit our new President, Dr. Englander's on this PFA web site--for his insights for 2008. Also, PFA Section Chairpersons from all over the world attended their annual caucus (see report below).

3) The PFA Foundation Board also met awarded many grants. They funded $225,660 in dental service grants. Also, scholarships were awarded in the amount of $113,500 to dental students throughout the world. This grand total was $339,160 for 2007.

4) 2007 PFA Section Chair Caucus Report

September 28, 2007

8:00am - 11:30am Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, CA Moderator minutes: Dr. Daniel Castagna (Northern CA Section Chair and Western Region 5 USA Trustee) Dr. Karyn Stockwell (Region 3 SE USA Trustee) Edits: Dr. Joseph Harris (Region 4 Midwest USA Trustee)

Section Chairs in attendance: Drs. Cesar Garcia-Aguirre (Puerto Rico), Pabla Barrientos (Chile), Norman Becker (Massachusetts), Terry Brewick (Colorado), Todd Christy (Michigan), Jose' Dahan (Belgium-Luxembourg), Alfred Dean (Nova Scotia, Canada), Barry Feder (Washington), C. Fredrick Fuller (Iowa), Jay Harrington (Georgia), Gary Herbeck (Florida), Karl Lange (Kentucky), Diampo Lim (outgoing SC Philippines), David Matthews (Indiana), Norberto Montheil (Argentina), Toshio Morioka (Japan), Richard Petty (Utah), Ronald Sm/tifter (Wisconsin), Antonieta “Toni” Swanson (Equador), Hermogenes “Boy” Villareal (incoming SC Philippines) and Richard Walsh (Rhode Island). Additionally the following Trustees attended until the start of the Academy Board Meeting at 10:00am: Region 1-Europe, Dr. Hubert Ouvrard (France), Region 2- NE USA, Dr. Richard Walsh (Rhode Island), Region 4 - Midwest USA, Dr. Joseph Harris (Michigan), Region 7 - Latin America, Dr. Ernesto Acuna (Mexico), Region 8 - Australasia, Dr. Jonathan Rogers (Australia ) and Region 10 - Central USA, Dr. Steve Hedlund (Iowa).

The caucus started with greetings and comments from PFA President William Winspear, President-elect Jim Englander, Vice President Chuck Eller, Sec-General Richard Kozal and Foundation President David Campbell followed by self-introductions of the 23 Section Chairs in attendance. There were 9 first time attendees.

The caucus purpose is to allow the PFA leadership to gain the necessary insights into the particular needs and difficulties faced by individual sections as well as to pass on to each other good ideas that will improve both local and international levels of PFA effectiveness. The energy and passion of some attendees can be infectious to others igniting sparks of new ideas that can be utilized by all. This energy or synergy might not occur using other forms of communication, to that end this caucus continues to hold value for the attendees.

One of the primary concerns we heard this year was the need for standardization of procedures for the Section Chairs.

• There needs to be a standard way in which the Section Chair invites the nominee into fellowship so that potential new Fellows across the globe are being invited in at a standard level of quality.

A nomination packet being used by a Section was shown as a possibility of what could be done to help in this endeavor. The packet is simply a nice presentation folder in which an invitation to fellowship that has been personalized for the nominee is in the left pocket, the right folder pocket contains the PFA brochure in front of a personalized letter to the nominee inviting them into fellowship and naming their sponsor as well as the information about the induction ceremony and fees. This side may also contain registration materials for the induction ceremony and a Section Newsletter if the Section has one. It looks like the Academy now has a folder they are using for the PFA Fellowship certificates which could be made available for the sections to use for this purpose,

• While progress was made in some Trustee regions to develop a standardized Section Report form, it still needs just a bit more tweaking before it is made part of the standard operating procedure for the Section Chair to complete. Attendees requested a more streamlined procedure for procuring the Section Allowance and Dues Rebate. Create a check-off form that could be downloaded, completed and faxed; or, more simply completed online and with a press of a button sent on in.

This one application would include: description of the various monies that the section is eligible to receive; the eligibility criteria; application dates for these each calendar year, etc.

The Sections do not understand why these two items are not just automatic.

Some Sections were not aware that these allowances and rebates were even available which goes back to the need for better communication of the SOP's. Once again we heard loud and clear that the Sections want dues for both national and section levels all in one invoice (Note: this has been an ongoing request since we started having the Section Caucus) (Attendees who are members of the ACD and/or ICD are able to pay all their dues on one statement as well as make Foundation contributions and they fail to understand why PFA can not do the same.). Once again a suggestion was made for the Initiation fee not to be included on the tab card in the PFA brochure as some Sections may need to charge higher fees based on their induction ceremony costs (this could be a source of confusion for the new candidates). There is an expectation that the Central Office needs to offer certain printed or imprinted things that could be used by all sections using the economy of scale principle. Perception is reality - if you want the Academy to be perceived as the premier honor academy, all communications and functions need to be held to a standard befitting that stature.

A suggestion was made to have the Fellowship certificate framed in a Cobalt blue beveled glass frames as the standard way to present the certificate. Presenting the certificate in this manner makes it ready to hang so it will likely go up on the wall as soon as the attendee gets back to the office

Right from the start it looks like the quality a person would expect for receiving such an honor. The Management Team might want to consider making attendance at this caucus mandatory once during the 3 year term of a US Section Chair. Since a stipend is available to defray attendance costs and the ADA does move around the country - it should be possible to find a location convenient to attend. It was interesting to note that we had almost as many International Section Chairs (9) present at the Caucus as US Section Chairs (14) so, if Section chairs from the International Sections can make the commitment to attend, we should expect no less from our US Section Chairs. It was good to have a bit more time for this caucus this year but we still need to rearrange the meeting schedule a bit so that this caucus can be a half day in length, giving the attendees a better chance to get to know each other and exchange ideas without being rushed as well as to allow them time to attend ADA programs and CE. If you start again with a continental breakfast this allows the Officers of the Management Team and Foundation Board to mingle with the Section Chairs before the start of the meeting without taking time away from the meeting itself. This is especially important in that it helps make the new Section Chairs feel warmly welcomed and part of the Team right from the get-go.

A half-day format will allow time for the Trustees to caucus with their Section Chairs over lunch. (Each Trustee should strive to get all of their Sections Chairs to attend).

This format will allow the Trustees to attend the BOT meeting without overlap.

As many of our Section Chairs also serve on state delegations perhaps starting a day earlier would allow them to honor both obligations.

Once again, a registration form could be developed whereby the Section Chair would commit to all the functions they intend to attend at the meeting. Consider a charge being made that would be rebated upon their actual attendance, they would only be charged for failing to attend (as meals are involved and this would alleviate the Academy being on the hook for “no shows”) the other advantage is organization. We would know who is coming and could have a sign in sheet, name tags, place cards, meal planning, etc. ready.

• Fellowship Recruitment and Retention: how to create value for existing Fellows and to attract New Fellows. A common theme of recognizing the “up and coming” leaders as potential new inductees was expressed especially since a new dentist is eligible for Fellowship just 5 years after graduation.

The “graying” of membership was also discussed and in that context how to identify “older” candidates that should have been inducted into fellowship and how do we approach those individuals.

A concern here is how should a Section keep track of those individuals who may have been inducted in the past, and who somehow or another have not kept their membership current, as well as those who were offered Fellowship and did not accept it.

Also, the need to seek more quality and qualifying information than just the name submittal for Fellowship nomination because more ownership, care, commitment, and value are created. A current Fellow must state good reasons from submitting a candidate for nomination.

The yellow nomination forms were discussed and it seems that their use has fallen off a bit; a suggestion was made to change to format and look of the form. It was also discussed that this form is only a tool to solicit names for nomination, that each Section Chair is then responsible for following up to obtain the sponsor support statement and candidate CV.

• Communications

Consider publishing Dental World in color for increased impact and modernizing the graphics and layout again for increased readability and impact (also, this is just expected by the younger generation and speaks to the perception of a first rate organization).

Monthly e-mail broadcasts could contain more time sensitive materials that the lag time of printing Dental World does not allow for. A point was brought up about the difficulty in obtaining an e-mail roster of the membership and the frequency that the older members check their email. Usage of the PFA website in “live time” by the Officers was encouraged by many in attendance (especially EB members).

Another point was brought up about who would write this monthly broadcast.

A suggestion that the PFA Banner needs to have more impact and be of a more updated design Richard Kozal stated that a new banner has been designed and produced. Several Chairs felt that the new design is still too small and not eye catching. The final discussions were of the possibility of a new design/banner being made however no delegation of the duty was made… i.e. in limbo.

Ideas for improvements in the PFA website included:

• Option to make dues payments online

• In the header for each Section Chair include a headshot photo of the Section chair along his/her contact information and perhaps a link to a Section discussion forum or newsletter page.

• Ability to register for the annual Academy functions at the ADA online, i.e., register for the section caucus, register for the Academy and Foundation Board meetings, register and pay for the Awards Luncheon and the PFA Dinner Party

• Publish the deadlines for submitting news for Dental World on a webpage

• Section Chair resource center (area to order brochures, presentation folders, PFA stickers - like a shopping cart as well as the things that the SC may need to download (right now you have to dig a bit to find these things-needs to be a downloads or resources tab)

• An area where all members can go to update their contact information

• An online form that can be downloaded to fill in and send back electronically or mailed or faxed to request both the Section Dues Rebate and the Section Allowance

• A standardized online Section Report form that can be downloaded or filled in online and submitted to the Trustee. This area would also include the due dates of the reports

• An online procedure manual of the duties, obligations and expectations of Section Chairs, and the due dates of their reports as well as who they need to send their reports to. (There does seem to be grey area here for Section Chairs as they are asked to send things to Dr. Kozal and to Dr. Brophy and then when requested to send the same information to the Trustee for a Trustee report they get a bit irritated i.e. “I've already sent that to Brophy, if you want it call him, he has it!”)

• Ongoing ease of use of the webpages and keeping it up to date and contemporary looking.

Good ideas noted for Sections: E-mentor program in Michigan, and online mentorship Michigan will be looking towards Wisconsin for leads. Due to the heavy workloads of both students and mentors, face-to-face encounters have become almost impossible to make. Michigan wants to connect students to their mentors over the internet thus saving time and scheduling conflicts. Michigan also wants to setup a blog and FAQ section for the students.

• Section scholarships in addition to Foundation scholarships.

• Faculty development awards (Georgia has an Excellence in Dental Education Award that is presented to a junior faculty member, selected by a vote of the faculty and students.)

• Student research awards (Canada presents scholarships to students who participate in the Denstply Student Clinician Program)

• Some Sections sponsor a “White Coat” Ceremony whereby undergraduate students entering the clinical phase of their education are each presented with a white coat with their name embroidered on it, the coats are presented and paid for by their PFA Section.

• Colorado works with the Explorers program to identify high school kids who might have potential to attend dental school after college

• Kentucky Section works with the dental students at the Kentucky state fair to screen kids. This is a highly successful yearly event. The dentists and dental students screen over 1,000 people during the week long fair. They have received local media attention and great public support. All arrangements are made through the Kentucky state government.

• Section newsletters be it 1 or 12 pages in length and published once, twice or quarterly per year. A newsletter can help to make it easy for Fellows to make a nomination by publishing a list of current fellows in the Section in the newsletter; the newsletter can also include a nomination form.

Make it an E-newsletter and save printing and postage costs. • Sponsoring or co-sponsoring continuing education courses. • Everyone likes free stuff and induction ceremonies are the perfect opportunity to brand the PFA, just having a pen at each place setting or some other small token of appreciation or an item in keeping with the theme of your meeting that could have the PFA logo on it goes a long way in creating a little fun and showing appreciation to current and new a Fellows. The Central office can be a great resource in having a selection of items available for this use that again economies of scale could help to make it affordable for a section by keeping the printing/imprinting costs down and then have these items available to other sections as well.

End of 2007 Caucus report