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July-August 2018

News Page editing changes

Posted December 11, 2006

This month we have been working behind-the-scenes to make improvements to the 4 screen layouts where officers can edit and post their News Page articles.

Calendar Event Editing: We have also added a second step to the process of posting a new event, where you are also asked to set the Expiration Date for the calendar event you are posting. Make sure the expiration date set in the pull-down menus is a date AFTER the actual event day- perhaps 2 or 4 weeks later, so people will know if they missed the event. We also added an Event Details field at the bottom, so you can add additional information- which can be viewed from a web link in each event posting.

Contact Editing: We have also added First Name, and Initial, to the Contact information editing screens. If you email address changes- this is a good place to update it. Information from the Contact forms will now be automatically assembled into an online contact Directory for the leadership.

Link Editing: this is a good place to add URLS, or webpage links to your Regional News Page, or to other online dental resources you feel are trustworthy and that have content on them that would benefit PFA Fellows. You do not have to add http:// at the beginning of the link- that will be added automatically. First give the link (URL) a simple description- that can be understood easily.