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July-August 2018


Posted November 14, 2006

Becoming the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY's President-Elect at our recent Annual Meeting was a personal highlight for me. Of greater importance, however, are the Academy's major goals for the future set at this meeting.

A high priority for new President Bill Winspear is furthering PFA's message internationally. Southeast Region Trustee, Karyn Stockwell, chaired a Section Chair caucus which concentrated on the exchange of ideas on Fellowship recruitment and retention, communication and membership services in the U. S. and internationally. Representing Fellows from Belgium, Chile, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Canada and the United States, participants addressed issues including utilization of Academy rebates for Section activities, the possibility of establishing Section scholarships in addition to those provided by the Foundation, development of Section newsletters and mentorship activities. President Winspear is strongly encouraging our European Fellows, through their Section Chairs, to continue to communicate and educate their members. He plans to actively participate in membership recruitment and service projects for our Fellows throughout the world. One of my missions as President-Elect will be to assist him in achieving this goal by meeting, when possible, with international leaders of our profession. Recently I was honored to visit with our Czech Republic Chair, Dr. Josef Vacek in Prague, and I have been in contact on a regular basis with our Swiss Chair, Dr. Roland Sollner.

Having chaired the Awards Committee for five years, I have been privileged to meet and communicate with many of the "best of the best" in American dentistry who were selected to receive the Academy's Gold Medal, as well as the outstanding international recipients who were selected to receive the Elmer S. Best Memorial Award.

As Vice President and Chairman of the Publications/Website Committee, I was entrusted with the challenge of exploring and evaluating the effectiveness of the Academy's communications efforts with our Fellows. We are in the process of establishing a long-range plan for DENTAL WORLD and continue to investigate the possibility of publishing scientific articles. Creating a more effective relationship with the media, relative to the contributions of the Academy to the dental profession and the public at large are being explored, as well as securing and recording contact data for all Fellows. Lastly, adding language capabilities to the PFA website is in progress.

This will be another progressive year for the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY under the leadership of President Winspear and I am pleased and excited to be part of it.