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PFAF Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, October, 2006

Posted October 24, 2006

The October annual meeting of The Foundation of the Pierre Fauchard Academy ended with a feeling of confidence and success. When the income from the Foundation’s principal was reduced because of lower interest rates, the Board took action. We asked our Fellows for help. So, while asking for money is seemingly repeative, it is the job of the Foundation . Under the direction of Dr. Larry Barrett, the Foundation mounted a successful fund raising Memorial and Tribute Program. Now we need to stimulate other Fellows, as well as companies from the commercial side of the dental profession, to continue to support our Grant Programs. Many people in this and other countries need our help in order to improve their dental health. Our Fellows should be proud of the success our Grant Programs have had in bringing improved oral health to those in desperate need. Many of you have donated money to help make this possible and we are grateful.

After all, YOU are the face of the PFA.