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Past President's message

Posted March 21, 2006

It is truly an honor to serve the Fellows of the PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY as their immediate Past President. I have served last year as President, Vice-president, and before that six years as Trustee, Region IV, Midwest United States, as well as four years chairing the Awards Committee. During the previous ten years, I was given the opportunity to chair the Wisconsin Section of the Academy, and in cooperation with the Wisconsin Dental Association and the Marquette University School of Dentistry, helped create the very successful Mentorship Program for Wisconsin now in its eleventh year.

Last year as President and Chairman of the Publications/Website Committee, I was entrusted with the challenge of exploring and evaluating the effectiveness of the current PIERRE FAUCHARD ACADEMY's communications efforts with our Fellows. As part of this assignment, we are establishing a long range plan for DENTAL WORLD and investigating the possibility of the publication of scientific articles. Creating a more effective relationship with the media, relative to the contributions of the Academy to the public and dental profession will also be explored. Another objective will be securing and recording contact data for all Fellows of the Academy. At this time, adding language capabilities to the website is in progress.

Another responsibility assigned to me in previous years as Vice President was to Chair the Awards Committee which annually honors the "Best of the Best in Dentistry". These recognitions include the FAUCHARD Gold Medal, the Elmer S. Best Memorial Award, Distinguished Service Awards, Honorary Fellowships, the Dental Trade and Industry Award of Recognition, the PFA Certificate of Merit and the Presidential Award of Excellence. Descriptions and names of previous recipients can be found on the Awards Section of our website.

I look forward to expanding the focus of the Academy with innovative plans of my own, as well as building on those formulated by our most recent leaders. Dr. Gary Lowder redirected our mission to service and recognition, Dr. Kevin Roach redefined the Academy's structure, setting new objectives and goals, Dr. Mike Perpich created the atmosphere for moving ahead with projects which fulfill the Academy's purpose, and with Dr. Winspear leading the way this year, we are looking toward the future with enthusiasm and renewed energy.