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July-August 2018

Executive Board meeting, June 07, 2012

Posted June 12, 2012

The Executive Board of the Pierre Fauchard Academy held its Mid-year meeting at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel in San Diego, CA on June 7, 2012.

President Joe Harris gave an update of the search for the new Executive Director. At present, five candidates are being considered with presentations to be made to the Search Committee by late June/early July. Once the final selection has been made the transition process will begin in September 2012 in Mesquite by present Executive Director Judith Kozal. Personal and hands on training will continue during the Annual meeting and continue until early November. The transfer of Academy equipment and data should occur short before the end of the year. Mrs. Kozal has agreed to remain as a consultant to the new Director during the neophytes first year.

The Board reviewed Officer travel policies.The following policies were voted and approved: Sections with more than 100 Fellows are eligible to receive Academy funded visits by up to two Officers per meeting and Sections under 100 Fellows are eligible to receive Academy funded visits by one Officers per meeting. International Sections are eligible for Academy funded visits by Officers every other year. Exceptions to the above can be granted by presidential approval.

It was determined that the Executive Mid-year meeting could and should be held via teleconferencing (Copper call) however due to the fact that the Academy will have a new Executive Director, the Board feels that the traditional "onsite" meeting should continue at least one more year, giving the Board an opportunity for an evaluation of the new ED. The eventual plan of teleconferencing future Executive Board meeting for cost saving purposes should go into effect within the next two or three years.

President Elect Acuña reported that he is finalizing his plans for an international induction ceremony held in conjunction with the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). The ceremony will be held on November 27,2012 from 11am to 12:30pm followed by a formal lunch (1pm-4pm). The celebration will be of no cost to the Academy.

PFA accountant Dan Jonker, reported that the Academy's finances are in good order with 2011 showing a slight surplus.

2012 is being approached with great caution as the regular and expected expenses will also be accompanied by the unknown costs of preparing for a new Executive Director and setting up a new Central Office.

Mrs. Kozal gave an update of Central Office activities: 1st and 2nd dues notices have been sent, the planning of the October Annual meeting has been completed, student award letters have been sent out, new Fellows have been processed , etc ,etc ,etc..

Mrs. Kozal announced that at the Awards Luncheon in San Francisco, 7 doctors from Kenya and 10 from Northern California will be inducted. She also informed the Board of that The Distinguished Dentist award, once given only by US Sections, is now available to be given by all Sections. Honorary Fellowship can only be given once a year.

Vice President Castagna gave the latest information on the awards. Please refer to his report in Dental World for the list of recipients.

The Section Chair Caucus meeting will be "MC-ed" by Region 9 Trustee Mark Sinclair. A survey will be sent to various Chairs requesting advice for the caucus agenda. Electronic invitations will be sent periodically to the Chairs as a reminder of the event. The Board of Trustees and Officers will attend throughout the caucus in order to meet and interact with the Chairs.

Mark Stanley gave an update of the Web/Dental World. He explained the activity or "visits" to the Academy website with July 2011 being the busiest averaging out at 1,361 daily visits with 5,446 pages viewed daily. He informed of plans to utilize the back page of Dental Abstracts for varying photographs. The Board was split regarding the use of that page for commercial advertising... TBC. Stanley will be investigating social media, tracking, Google notification, etc and how they may fit in future PFA operations.

Dr. Dominique Caron, the PFA Fellow responsible for the creation of the Dubai section, requested that the Middle East be designated a region and that he be placed as Trustee. The Board is very enthusiastic about the opportunities that lay in the Middle East, however the Board has requested that Dr. Caron present a plan of action and informed him that a minimum number of countries and a minimum number of Fellows are required before the Middle East can be designated a Region. The Board of Trustees will be kept informed.

Dr. Harris reported that per the Academy's By-laws, requests for written nominations and seconds for the office of Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy will be sent 60 days prior to the Academy's annual meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50pm

-Dr. Joseph C. Harris, PFA President, 2011-2012