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South Carolina Pierre Fauchard Annual Meeting 2013

Posted April 02, 2013

The South Carolina Chapter of the Pierre Fauchard Academy sponsored its’ annual meeting in Charleston, SC on Saturday, February 23, 2013.  It coincided with the Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry Alumni weekend.  This year there were over 30 members in attendance and the meeting site was on the campus of the Medical University of South Carolina.  Past Chair Dr. Monica Cayouette coordinated catering with Home Team BBQ specialties that provided an exceptional meal.  Dr. Cayouette’s efforts in securing our meeting facility and meal were much appreciated by all.

This year’s meeting we had the honor of Dr. Danny K. Crout to provide the lecture for our lunch and learn venue.  Dr. Crout practices in Spartanburg, SC.  He limits the scope of his work to the diagnosis and treatment of Oro-Facial Pain.  He is a graduate of Wofford College, The Medical University of South Carolina and The Medical University of Texas Health Care Science Center in Houston.  His professional memberships are numerous and include Diplomate Status with the American Board of General Dentistry and the American Board of Oro-Facial Pain.  His most recent accomplishment has been the patent of his bite guard design that he effectively uses to control Oro-Facial pain and headaches.

Dr. Crout’s program focused on a review of symptoms and origins of Oro-Facial Pain.  He continued with a discussion of the different bite appliances that have historically been used to address these issues and finished with an in depth analysis of his development of the Maxillary Anterior Passive Appliance, MAPA.  His presentation was well received.  We thank Dr. Crout for his program and wish him success with his new appliance design.

For 2013, the South Carolina Pierre Fauchard Academy recognized six new fellows during our pinning ceremony.  They are as follows:

1.Dr. Jeffery Bruce Bayme                

2.Dr. William Augustine Burn, III

3.Dr. Jill Wonder Colson

4.Dr. Deidre Berger Crocket

5.Dr. William Miller Edwards

6.Dr. Karen Runey McPherson

We applaud their achievements and welcome their acceptance and induction as new fellows.

Awards presented by the South Carolina Pierre Fauchard Academy annually are the Distinguished Dentist Award and the PFA Scholarship Recipient from the MUSC School of Dentistry.  The presentation for the 2013 PFA Distinguished Dentist Award was particularly special for me coinciding with being Chair of our State organization.  This year’s recipient has dedicated his life to education and service in Dentistry.  I have experienced his approach and techniques first hand during my education at the Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry, the Pankey Institute and numerous other forums in continuing education during my dental journey of 20+ years.  His accolades and prestigious awards through the years are numerous and he is the embodiment of what the PFA Distinguished Dentist Award represents.  The 2013 Recipient of the SC PFA Distinguished Dentist Award is Dr. James A. Rivers.

Our final award is the SC PFA Scholarship from MUSC School of Dentistry.  This year’s recipient is described as driven, inquisitive and highly motivated to experience everything possible during her time in undergraduate studies.  These traits are indicative of a student for life.  Her future includes an Air Force Residency in Washington, DC.  The SC PFA Scholarship Recipient from MUSC School of Dentistry is Mrs. Golden C. Hartley.  Congratulations to our recipients this year!  

Election of officers for 2013-2014 was the final business of our meeting.  The following were elected and approved as leadership positions in the South Carolina Pierre Fauchard Academy:

  • Chair:                                     Dr. David Jordan
  • Chair Elect:                            Dr. Rocky Napier
  • Vice Chair:                             Dr. Se Murdoch
  • Sec./Treas.:                            Dr. Craig Draffin
  • Immediate Past Chair:          Dr. Chris Griffin

L-R: Drs. Draffin, Napier, Jordan, Griffin and Murdoch

Respectfully Submitted,

Christopher T. Griffin, DMD, FAGD, FPFA

Immediate Past Chair SC PFA



Distinguished Dentist Award presented to Dr. James RIvers by Section Chair Chris Griffin

MUSC PFA Foundation Scholarship Recipient Mrs. Golden Hartley and Dr. Chris Griffin

SC Class of 2013: Drs. Edwards, Burn, Colson, Crocket and Bayme