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Japan Section holds it's 44th Annual Meeting

Posted November 29, 2013

The Japan Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy met on the afternoon October 19, 2013 in the Niigata Grand Hotel in Niigata. It was the 44th Annual Meeting of the PFA Japan Section. There were about 50 people in attendance. Six new Fellows were inducted..

PFA International President, Dr. Ernesto Acuña and his wife Laura, Korean Section Chairman, Dr. Han-Seok Yoon, Korean Section Chair-elect, Dr. Il Hae Park, and the past Chairman of Korean Section, Dr. Kim Jong Won attended.

The Executive Chairman, Dr. Toshiro Hayashi, facilitated the meeting.

Chairman of the meeting, Dr. Masataka Katagiri, gave an opening address followed by remarks from the Japan Section Chairman, Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura after which, President Acuña gave greetings.

Six new fellows, Drs. Akinori Takayama, Noboru Murakawa, Akira Komuro, Tsuneki Shimoji, Kimio Matsushita, and Teruo Izumi were inducted into the Academy.

Vice-President, Dr. Akiyoshi Yamagami gave the closing address

Prof. Fumihiko Watanabe, President of Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, The Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Niigata presented the scientific lecture on "Topics of implant treatment and the future prospects".

Prof. Atsuyuki Okazaki, Department of Architecture, School of Engineering, Niigata University presented the cultural lecture on "Niigata, a traditional town famous for traditional drinking and performance establishments known as zashiki. (Japanese-style room culture)"

The Banquet was held in the evening.  Japan Section Chairman, Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura installed Dr. Fumio Sato as the Section Chair-Elect. Dr. Acuña presented the Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Jong-Won Kim and the  Distinguished Dentist Award to Dr. Keishi Matsumoto

The next meeting will take place in Sasebo.

The 44th Annual Meeting of the PFA Japan Section, October 19, 2013 



Induction Ceremony

Dr. Kiyoshi Ohura welcomes Dr. Fumio Sato as the Japan Section Chair-Elect

Dr. Jong-Won Kim receiving the Distinguished Service Award from International President Acuña

Dr. Acuña presents the Distinguished Dentist Award to Dr. Keishi Matsumoto