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July-August 2018


Posted March 02, 2014

The section met on Friday November 8th for breakfast during the Detroit District Dental Society Dental Review.  Dr. Joe Harris honored us with the delivery of the invocation.  We had dental students from University of Detroit Mercy.  I like to thank the dental students for coming and getting involved in our events.  I also like to extend my sincere appreciation to Dr. Bill Bredowski, David Campbell and Dan Edwards for their efforts to bring more dental students.  Dr. David Campbell presented Dr. Joe Harris with Outgoing Officer Certificate Award on the behalf of the national office.

Dr. Joanne Dawley was honored today with the Distinguished Service Award.  Joanne has distinguished her professional career throughout her service to dentistry in a variety of leadership.  After graduating from dental school in 1980 and few later she served as a president of the central branch and the Detroit dental society, later she served as secretary and president of the Michigan dental association. Joanne has served on numerous committee and task forces.  In 2010 she appointed to the ADA council of Dental Practice.  She recently received herself as chair of the Michigan Dental Association’s Governance Work Group.   She is a member of the wolverine dental society and the National Dental Association.    Joanne served on the Delta Dental Board of Directors from 1997-2004.  She also fellow of the American International College of Dentists.  In 2008 she received the leadership and service award.

In keeping with the mission of the Pierre Fauchard Academy of recognizing those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to dentistry and service to the profession, our Michigan Section honored Dr. Joanne Dawley with our Academy’s Michigan Section Distinguished Service Award.

Drs. Dominick Shoha and Craig Spencer were inducted during the breakfast as our new fellows of the academy,

Darren Zwick and Averille Meadows from the MDA insurance and Finance proved us with a brief information about the Affordable Care Act. 



Drs. Joseph Harris and David Campbell

Drs. Ghabi Kaspo and Dawley

Drs. Ghabi Kaspo, Dominic Shoha, Craig Spencer and Cheri Newman