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July-August 2018

Message from the President

Posted December 06, 2012

Initially I want to send my best greetings to all Fellows of all Regions and sections of the Academy.

In the year of 1936 the Pierre Fauchard Academy was born under the leadership of its founder Dr. Elmer S. Best accompanied by distinguish professionals of that time who established the main bases for the operation and development of the Academy. Since its inception, the PFA Officers meet annually and put forth their best efforts towards the focus of directives on which the Academy was founded, as well as developing new programs and strengthening and increasing Fellowship.

Historically speaking, the Academy has been under the leadership of the American wing of the organization however Dr. Best possibly had a grander vision of the Academy as an International honor organization with leadership opportunities afforded to Fellows of other Regions as has been witnessed by Australia, Canada and France bring with them their own platforms of ways to strengthen and increase Fellowship, look no further than our recent 75th anniversary celebrations as proof of our international flavor.

In the course of our lives we have cycles and periods, and now by the circumstance of fate the leadership of the Academy is in the hands of a president from another country, belonging to Latin America...Mexico. During this new era, under my responsibility, we have a new team consisting of our new Executive Director Ms. Loralie Lowder with whom we have moved the central office to Logan, Utah, USA, a new Dental World Editor, Dr. Fiona Collins and a new professional company in charge of handling our website, a communication tool of vital importance in the life of our beloved Academy. I give the warmest of welcomes to the newest members of our family and I express my sincerest hope for future success. To each of my predecessors who have devoted the best portion of their lives and given their unselfish effort to our Academy, my deep heartfelt appreciation goes to you.

Dr. Ernesto Acuña President.