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July-August 2018

Poland Section Report

Posted March 30, 2015


In 2014 two PFA Poland Section meetings took place.

On April 11th, 2014 a very special meeting of our Section was organised in the underground of the Main Market Square in Kraków. At that time XII Congress of Polish Dentists took place in Kraków.

In the meeting our new fellows received their fellowship diplomas:

  • Professor Jolanta Pytko-Polończyk
  • Dr Karolina Gerreth
  • Dr Robert Stępień

Special speeches were made by Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska - the Chair of PFA Poland Section and Professor Bartłomiej W. Loster – President of Polish Dental Association.

The meeting was a unique one, as all its participants had a chance to visit the undergrounds of the Main Market Square, home to the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, and ended with a cocktail party.

The Annual Meeting of PFA Poland Section took place at Mercure Hotel in Poznań  on 10 September, 2014

During the meeting the new award our Section instituted in 2013 - Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk PFA Poland Section Award – was presented to Professor Zofia Knychalska-Karwan from Kraków.

Also, Dr Barbara Ciepielewska received her PFA Fellowship diploma and a PFA Honorary Fellow Award was presented to Mr Sławomir Dąbrowski from RADA Company.

Professor Maria Borysewicz-Lewicka provided us with information about a project called “Healthy oral cavity  - education, promotion and prophylaxis, aimed at children, their parents, carers and teachers”.

Professor Grażyna Śmiech-Słomkowska delivered a paper on “ Modern orthodontic prophylaxis – the scope of dentist’s actions”.

New candidates for PFA Poland Section were recommended and accepted and will be installed at the next Annual Meeting to be held in Poznań, September 9, 2015.

The annual meeting ended with a ceremonial dinner, sponsored by RADA Company.

In 2014 the Poland Section of PFA co-organised a number of stomatological congressess in Poland. The most important one was XII Congress of Polish Dentists.

The XII Congress of Polish Dentists was held in Kraków, 9-12 April 2014.

The Congress is the most important scientific event and it is organised every 5 years. Nearly all Professors of Polish dental universities lectured during the event and among foreign guests there were:

  • dr Claudia Aichinger-Pfandl, Austria
  • Professor Gil Alcoforado, Portugal
  • Professor Florian Beuer, Germany
  • Professor Galina Biloklytska, Ukraine
  • Professor Alberto Caprioglio, Italy
  • dr William J. Clark, England
  • dr Neda Markovska, Slovakia
  • dr Stephen Mason, England
  • Professor Hien Ngo, Kuwait
  • dr Marinka Mravak Stipetič, Croatia

About 1200 people participated in the congress.


The VII International Stomatological Conference West-East, “ Advancement in stomatology” Conference was held at Warsaw Medical University, Warszawa on May 9, 2014.

The lecturers included:

  • Professor Jef van der Zel, the Netherlands
  • dr Horst Umstadt, Germany
  • Professor Leopold Wagner, Poland (PFA fellow)
  • Professor Izabela Strużycka, Poland (PFA fellow)
  • Professor Wilhelm Niedermeier, Germany
  • Professor Wolfgang Raab, Germany
  • Professor Renata Górska, Poland (PFA fellow)

About 200 people took part in the conference.


The IX Christmas Implantology Evening took place on December 6, 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel, Warsaw.

“Long-term observations and effects of implantoprosthetic treatment: prognosis for implant longevity and aesthetic success”.

Among the lecturers were:

  • Professor Andrzej Wojtowicz, Poland (PFA fellow)
  • Professor Myron Uhryn, Ukraine
  • dr Luca dla Carlo, Italy
  • dr Richard J. Meissen, Germany
  • Professor Jaroslav Zablotskyy, Ukraine
  • dr Hubert Kubica, Poland

There were about 150 participants.


With best regards,

Prof. dr hab.Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska

Chair of PFA Poland Section

Dr Zbigniew Klimek

Secretary of PFA Poland Section



Chair of PFA Poland Section – Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska – presents the Fellowship Certificate to dr Barbara Ciepielewska

Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska and Professor Bartłomiej W. Loster next to Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk PFA Poland Section Award – to be presented to Professor Zofia Knychalska-Karwan

Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska presenting the PFA Honorary Fellow Award to Mr Sławomir Dąbrowski from RADA Company

Professor Maria Borysewicz-Lewicka and Professor Bartłomiej W. Loster (President of Polish Dental Association)