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July-August 2018

33 New Fellows inducted at the 28th Annual Convocation of the India Section

Posted January 20, 2015 Dr. T. Samraj


The 28th Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony of PFA India Section held at the Auditorium in Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi, started with Prayer at 12.15 pm.  After the Chairman, Prof. Fellow Dr. Mahesh Verma, adorned the Chairman's collar, he declared the 28th Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony “Open”. He welcomed the Chief Guest, Special Guest, Guests, Fellows, Awardees and New Inductees and traced the history of PFA India Section and the contributions of Dr. Pierre Fauchard.  After the Secretary, Prof. Fellow Dr. T. Samraj, introduced the 33 new Inductees, they were awarded the PFA India Section Fellowship Certificates by the Chief Guest, Dr. Karyn Stockwell, International President of PFA, the PFA Medallions by the Chairman and PFA Pins by the Special Guest, Ms. Loralie Lowder, International Executive Director of PFA. Later, the Chairman administered the Pledge of PFA India Section to the new inductees. After this, the Chief Editor, Prof. Fellow Dr. V.P. Jalili brought the September 2014 issue of the Journal of Pierre Fauchard Academy, which was released by the Special Guest, Ms. Loralie Lowder assisted by the Scientific Editor Prof. Fellow Dr. S.S. Sidhu. The Special Guest showered praises on the India Section for their good work.

The Secretary presented the Awardees and the Chief Guest gave away 8 PFA Best outgoing B.D.S. Student Awards, 10 PFA International Senior Student Awards and 1 PFA International Undergraduate Second year Dental Student Scholarship Award of US $ 300.  The Secretary informed that the other two PFA International Undergraduate second year Dental Student Scholarship Awards of US $ 300 each shall be presented by the two respective Colleges, in a suitable function. The PFA International Student Undergraduate Certificate of Merit, the highest PFA student Award, was presented to Mr. Eswar, K, Faculty of Dental Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai. The PFA International Certificate of Merit, the highest PFA Dentist Award for 2014 went to Prof. Dr. Dinesh K. Daftary from Mumbai.


PFA Undergraduate Certificate of Merit being presented to Mr. Eswar by India Section Chair Verma and PFA President Stockwell


Section Chair Verma presenting the PFA Certificate of Merit to Prof. Dr. Dinesh K. Daftary 

This was followed by the Presidential address by the Chief Guest, Dr. Karyn Stockwell, International President of PFA. The Chief Guest gave an inspiring address to the newly inducted Fellows, wherein she challenged them to emulate the high professional and ethical standards of Dr. Pierre Fauchard. On behalf of the new Fellows, Fellow Dr. Rajiv K. Chugh responded. The Chairman, then installed Fellow Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, from Mumbai, as the new Chairman of PFA India Section for 2015.

Newly installed Section Chair Mayekar presenting the Past Section Chair plaque to Dr. Mahesh Verma in appreciation of his term as India Section Chairman

The new Chairman announced that he plans to organise the 29th Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony on Sunday December 13, 2015 at Mumbai. He also outlined plans for conducting one CDE Programme, every month, during the year, which shall be communicated to you. After Vote of Thanks by the Secretary and National Anthem, the Chairman declared the Convocation and Awards Ceremony “Closed”. Nearly 160 delegates attended the Ceremony and the Lunch.

The 28th Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony of PFA India Section was sponsored by M/s Colgate Palmolive India Ltd., The Assistant Secretary of PFA India Section, Prof. Fellow Dr. Reena R Kumar, compeered the full event in an excellent manner.

The 2014 Fellowship Class:

Dr. Rajiv K Chugh
Dr. Shailee Fotedar
Dr. Khizer Mohiuddin
Dr. Seema Chaudhary
Dr. Akhilanand Chaurasia
Dr. Pervez Abdul Razak
Dr. Pravesh Kumar Jhingta
Dr. Samarth Kumar Agarwal
Dr. Anshul Agarwal
Dr. Geeta Dhawan Kalra
Dr. Vinay Kumar Srivastava
Dr. Priya Oberoi
Dr. Deepak Sharma
Dr. Amit Malhotra
Dr. Akhil Rajput
Dr. Ruchika Gupta Dewan
Dr. Shresht Khandpur
Dr. Sunira Chandra
Dr. Priya Kumar
Dr. Ruchika Roongta
Dr. P. Vasanthan
Dr. S. Sabitha
Dr. Puneet Gupta
Dr. Smiti Jassar Klaire
Dr. Amit Parashar
Dr. Anuraag Gurtu
Dr. Tarun Sharma
Dr. Saurabh Lal
Dr. Rahul Paul
Dr. Geeta Paul
Dr. Rohit Paul
Dr. Mayura Paul
Dr. Parul Singh

Photos courtesy of Divyaj Yotiorthi