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Canadian PFA Induction Ceremony 2016

Posted March 28, 2016


Canadian Awards and Induction Ceremony

The Canadian Annual Awards and Induction ceremony was held March 18, 2016 in the beautiful Oceanview room of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Dr. David Zaparinuk, the British Columbia section chair, was responsible for the organization of the event and he did a wonderful job, as he always does.

Dr. Tom Breneman, Dr. Barry Feder, Dr. Jerry Dushkin, Mrs. Kristi Feder

About 100 people were in attendance, including our international president elect, Dr. Barry Feder along with his charming spouse, Kristi. Dr. Feder brought us international greetings and spoke about the Academy.

Dr. Tom Breneman, our past PFA Canadian Trustee, did the invocation.

Also in attendance were past international president, Dr. Dan Castagna and our Executive director. Ms. Loralie Lowder.

Dr. Dan Castagna acknowledged the fine work of Dr. Bruce Ward, the outgoing British Columbia section chair and presented to him a plaque in recognition of his service to the academy.

UBC-BCDA Save a Smile Public Outreach Program

Dr. Zaparinuk introducing Dr. Angelique Leung of the UBC-BCDA Save a Smile Public Outreach Program, who spoke about the excellent charitable work performed by that group. Dr. Zaparinuk, along with Dr. Barry Dolman, our PFA Canada chair and Dr. Jerry Dushkin, PFA Canadian Trustee then presented a check for $5000 from PFA Canada to that charity.

Honorary Fellow Dr. Jocelyn Johnston

Our BC section chair, Dr. David Zaparinuk, presented Jocelyn Johnston, executive director of the British Columbia Dental Association, with an Honorary Fellowship into the Pierre Fauchard academy. 


Class of 2016 Canada PFA

We had 36 inductees, with 24 present at the ceremony to accept their certificates. Each inductee was called onto the stage and was presented with their PFA Certificate, ribbon and pins. A photo of each inductee was taken with Dr. Barry Feder, Dr. David Zaparinuk and Dr. Jerry Dushkin.

Dr. Syeda Suham Alexander, Dr. Charles D. Frank, Dr. Clive S Friedman, Dr. John Russell Glenny, Dr. David A. Goerz, dr. Christopher N. Hacker, Dr. Alyssa Nicole Hayes, Dr. Alice Jackes-Sweetnam, Dr. Patricia Anne Jones, Dr. Sunita Joshi, Dr. Andrew Simon Kay, Dr. Waji Khan, Dr. Timothey M. Lee, Dr. Janet S. Leith, Dr. Melissa Milligan, dr. Meredith Moores, Dr. Brock Nicolucci, Dr. Olaf B. Plotzke, Dr. Michael Prestie, Dr. Devinder Sehgal, Dr. Sonia Slawuta, Dr. Lawrence M. Stanleigh, Dr. Robert Staschuk, Dr. Janet S. Thom. (not listed in order of this photo)

(not in photo) Dr. Keyvan Abbaszadeh, Dr. Natalie Archer, Dr. Brad Carson, Dr. Steven Gerend, Dr. Leslie Hapak, Dr. David S. Kindrat, Dr. Dean A. Kolbinson, Dr. Patrick Phat Mao, Dr. Carlos Quinonez, Dr. Anthony F. Veale, Dr. Daniel Violette.

Scholarship Awardees 2016 Canada

A $1000 scholarship was presented to a student from each of the 10 Canadian faculties of dentistry. This Canadian Annual Scholarship Award is given for “outstanding scholarship and clinical research at the undergraduate level”. On behalf of Dr. Kevin Roach of the PFA Foundation, Dr. Dolman, PFA Canada Chairman, presented the checks to the following recipients.

Congratulations to these future leaders of our profession.

Steven A. Arcand        University of Saskatchewan

Edward Sutton             Université de Montréal

Kiavash Hossini          University of British Columbia

Michael Tiedemann   Western University

Thomas W. Steeves    Dalhousie University

Vincent Mireault          Université Laval

Julie Delcorde             University of Toronto

Mitchell R. Naito          University of Alberta

Bryan Wong                 University of Manitoba

Erica Abbey                  McGill University





2016 Canadian New Fellows