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July-August 2018

Washington State's Annual Induction Ceremony

Posted June 26, 2017

On Thursday evening, June 15, 2017, Washington State’s Annual Induction Ceremony of New Fellows was held in Bellevue, Washington.  2017 has produced eight extremely talented individuals who were, nominated and took the pledge, receiving fellowship in our Pierre Fauchard Academy---Hip, Hip, and Hooray!!!


Three dental students received recognition for their achievements while attending the University of Washington School of Dentistry---job well done!!!


We had in attendance over 70 PFA Fellows for camaraderie, dinner, and fellowship.  It was a wonderful evening and we are looking forward to an even bigger, more successful year in 2018!!!  

Lastly, a special shout out to our president, Dr. Barry Feder, for a fantastic job as president.  During his term as president, Dr. Barry and wife, Kristi, have traveled around the world to visit many chapters of PFA.  And for those who are not aware, Barry is one of our own---a Washingtonian!!!!!

A special thanks to Dr. Dan Castagna, for traveling north from San Francisco to support our event.  Dan was the President of PFA and is now our Treasurer—thanks for stepping up!


Finally, I’d be remiss if I did not give my wife a special acknowledgement for all of the hard work and time she put in to make this event so special—Thanks, dear!!!

Personally, the Pierre Fauchard Academy means so much to me.  What could be better, in one’s profession, than to be involved with so many people, our Fellows, who constantly give of themselves to better our profession, some give financially, while others contribute and dedicate their time to improve access to care.  We all need to acknowledge this fact and give thanks for our commitment to excellence in our Pierre Fauchard Academy.


New Fellows:    Left to Right

Dr. John Carbery, Section Chair of Washington State

Dr. Nhi Pham, 

Dr. Dave Carsten, 

Dr. Noah Letwin, 

Dr. Elissa Maynard, 

Dr. Barry Feder, President of PFA, 

Dr. Daniel Tremblay,

Dr. Jeffrey Zent,

Dr. Bernard John Larson, President of the Washington State Dental Association and new fellow,

Dr.  Ellen Reh

Dr. Dan Castagna, Treasurer of PFA