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July-August 2018

Region 10 Annual Trustee Report

Posted August 01, 2018

Pierre Fauchard Academy Region 10 2018 Annual Trustee Report


I was honored and privileged to be named Region 10 Trustee in Atlanta. I succeed Dr. Terry Brewick,  who was elected PFA Vice-President. Notice that I did not see replace Dr. Brewick, because Terry is truly irreplaceable. He has become a great friend and mentor, and I appreciate everything he has done to help me during this transition.


My first official event as Trustee was attending the Arkansas Section Meeting in Little Rock. Dr. Mark Murphy, Arkansas PFA Section Chair, and Dr. Werner Schneider PFA Vice-Chair hosted the meeting. PFA Vice-President Dr. Terry Brewick was in attendance, and addressed the crowd. Additionally, PFA Executive Assistant Kayla Shoemaker made the trip from Utah to represent the Academy. Five new Fellows were inducted;  Dr. April Buffington, Dr. Matt Carlisle, Dr. Brad Cruse, Dr. Spencer Gordy, and Dr. Jim Hiatt. Dr. Murphy passed on Arkansas’ Section Grant of $5,000 to Dr. Terry Fiddler, representing the Arkansas Mission of Mercy (ArMOM) Project. Also, the late Dr. Thomas Smith was posthumously awarded the Arkansas PFA Distinguished Dentist Award. Dr. Smith served as Arkansas PFA Section Chair for approximately twenty years, until his untimely death in 2016. He was a highly respected dentist, community leader and family man. Dr. Smith’s wife, Dr. Kathleen Smith, and their children Patrick, Daniel, and Kaitlin  were also recognized, and were presented with Dr. Smith’s  Distinguished Dentist Award. Henceforth, this award will be called the Dr. Thomas C. Smith Distinguished Dentist Award.



In early April, I went to Kansas City to attend the Kansas and Missouri Sections Joint  Meeting.  Dr. Jon Copeland, Missouri Section Chair presided at the meeting.  I appointed Dr. Lucynda Raben of Wichita to become the new Kansas Section Chair, an office I held before being named Region 10 Trustee. Also, Kansas inducted five new Fellows; Kansas Dental Association President, Dr. Melodee Armfield,  American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Immediate Past President, Dr. Douglas Fain, Dr. Tim Herre, Dr. George Baldwin, and Dr. Mark Armfield. Missouri inducted seven new Fellows; Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick, Dr. James Fox, Dr. Daniel Kessler, Dr. Kevin Killian, Dr. Bradley Laird, Dr. Emily Mattingly, and Dr. Joseph Spalitto.The Missouri Section announced they had received a Section Grant of $5,000 that will be applied to the Missouri Mission of Mercy (MOMOM) Project in Kirksville, Missouri in August. The Missouri Section also presented the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry student scholarship to  3rd year student Ms. Kayla Hanna. Dr. Merle Nunemaker was presented with the Missouri PFA Distinguished Dentist Award for his many contributions to dentistry. In particular, Dr. Nunemaker has been active with a PFA related program,  “Everyone for Veterans”. More about this program can be learned by clicking at the link below.


This joint Section meeting was followed by a joint luncheon with PFA, ACD, and ICD Fellows from both states.


I flew directly from Kansas City to Washington, D.C.. There, I attended the American Dental Association’s Dentist and Student Lobby Day. In addition to lobbying for the ADA on Capital Hill, I discussed the Pierre Fauchard Academy with several ADA leaders. In particular, I visited with Dr. Ken McDougall, the ADA 10th District Trustee. Dr. McDougall  is the ADA Trustee for  both North Dakota and South Dakota. Currently, we do not have Section Chairs in these two states. Resolving this situation, and reviving the North Dakota and South Dakota Sections are at the top of my priority list.

As I write this, I am in Oklahoma City, attending the Oklahoma PFA Section Meeting. Dr. Matt Cohlmia called the meeting to order, and introduced several distinguished guests. These guests included, but were not limited to Past ADA President, Dr. Richard Haught, ADA 12th District Trustee Dr. Ray Cohlmia, Past President of the American College of Dentists Dr. Scott Waugh, and American Association of Women Dentists Dr. Tamara Berg. Pierre Fauchard Academy Vice-President Dr Terry Brewick was present, and addressed the meeting. I was also invited to make remarks. Dr. Brewick and Dr. Cohlmia presided over the induction of six new Fellows; Dr. Paul Mullasseril, Dr. Jeffrey Pierce, Dr. Mathew Hookom, Dr. Michael Strand, Dr. Wavel Wells, and Dr. Kristin Campbell. Student scholarships were presented to University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry  third year student Ms. Lynna Van, and fourth year student Ms. Priyanka Agarwal. Last but definitely not least, Dr. Rieger Woods presented Dr. Doug Auld with the Oklahoma Pierre Fauchard Academy Distinguished Dentist Citation.


Respectfully submitted in Fellowship,


Hal E. Hale, D.D.S.

Region 10 Trustee, Pierre Fauchard Academy