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July-August 2018

Past President message in 2012

Posted March 09, 2012

Dear Officers, Trustees and Fellows,

Now I am back home in Paris after the Las Vegas Meeting and I miss you all and I am sad not to be your PFA President anymore. It has been for me a wonderful year and I hope also for our Academy with a culminating point in Paris in June for the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Pierre Fauchard Academy and the 250th Anniversary of Pierre Fauchard's death. I would like to thank all those who came in Paris for this event from 15 different countries. That shows us that we are a great family all over the world.

It is my great pleasure is to know that the Pierre Fauchard Academy is in good hands with my two good friends that I have grown to appreciate during the past year: Dr. Joseph C. Harris as President and Dr. Ernesto Acuña as President Elect. I had not the opportunity yet to know Dr. Dan Castagna well, but he has shown his qualities as a leader when he was Region 5 Trustee and I am sure he will be an excellent Vice-President. If they need my advice, I will be proud to it give them.

Now that I am retired as PFA President, I wonder what more the Academy could do for the others and I found the answer even if it is only my answer. Recently Pope Benedict XVI organized a meeting with the most representative people of the different religions in the world. Meeting in Italy were over 300 catholics, protestants, anglicans, jews, muslims, buddhists, some people from other religions and even two agnostics. They were from different countries, different colors of skin, different ways of thinking, but all of them discussed together the possibility to have more Peace in the world, and above all never to kill anymore in the name of God .

In the same way the PFA Fellows, who belong to many different countries & religions, could establish a long chain of friendship around the world and contribute in the facts, and by their example, to have more Peace inside for Humankind.

This is my wish, this is my will, I hope it will be yours, especially during this period of the end of the one year and the start of a new year which is so important for so many people.

Dr. Hubert Ouvrard

Immediate Past-President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy 2011-2012