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Poland Annual Section Meeting

Posted May 28, 2019

Poland Annual Section meeting in September in Poznań. 
Photo 1: (from the left) 
- Vice-Chair of PFA Poland Section – Professor Marek Ziętek, 
- dr Anna Lella, 
- Professor Teresa Bachanek - the recipient of Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk PFA Poland Section Award, 
dr Zbigniew Klimek - Secretary of PFA Poland Section, 
- Professor Maria Borysewicz -Lewicka - member of the Board of PFA Poland Section, 
- Chair of the Section – Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska
Photo 2: (from the left) 
Professor Marek Ziętek - Vice-Chair of PFA Poland Section,
- Professor Marzena Dominiak, President of Polish Dental Association, new fellow accepted to PFA Poland Section,
Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska - Chair of PFA Poland Section
Photo 3: Professor Marzena Dominiak, delivering her lecture
Photo 4: 
Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska - Chair of PFA Poland Section and Mr  Dariusz Stój, co-owner  of OPTIDENT company, the sponsor of PFA Poland Section
Photo 5a (or 5b - please, choose the one that you feel is better): dr Martyna Osiak telling about her stay in Africa and the dental help she provided to the Pygmies for charity