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July-August 2018

2012 Greetings from the Vice President

Posted March 09, 2012

Last October in Las Vegas during the Pierre Fauchard Academy’s Board of Trustees meeting, I was honored by election to serve as Academy’s 2011-2012 Vice President. I am excited as our Academy continues celebrating its 75th year!

The PFA mission lives in our Academy’s current Officers: President Joe Harris, President-Elect Ernesto Acuna, Immediate-Past President Hubert Ouvrard, and our long standing Executive Director Judith Kozal. Also my successor Dr. Barry Feder, the new Western Region 5 USA Trustee, will continue to foster growth and activities.

I am grateful to the Officers and the Board for trusting me in helping guide the Academy’s future. I believe my eleven years as Northern California Section Chairperson combined with four years as the Western Region 5 USA Trustee aids in fulfilling my Vice Presidential duties to the Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, and the Fellows worldwide.

As per the Academy’s Bylaws, the Vice Presidential duties include: assisting the President and President-Elect as requested; serving as President-Elect if needed; serving on executive, budget, and finance committees; and, parliamentarian at the Board of Trustees meetings.

One additional primary duty is the Awards Committee Chairperson. This committee oversees the Pierre Fauchard Academy Awards in Dentistry; which includes the following:

Pierre Fauchard Academy Gold Medal.

Elmer S. Best Memorial Award.

Honorary Fellowship.

Dental Industry Award of Recognition.

PFA Certificate of Merit.

PFA Student Undergraduate Certificate of Merit.

President’s Award.

Past President’s Award.

Distinguished Dentist Award Plaque.

Special Appreciation Award.

Section Chairpersons Plaque Award.

Past Trustees Award.

Finally, please remember all these awards help fulfill our founder Dr. Elmer Best’s vision and legacy for this honorary service organization. Please do visit our website and the awards pages for more award details and names of past recipients. Read more online about the Awards.

Lastly, please contact me with any issues/concerns you may have for our Academy--I look forward to hearing from any Fellow. Thank you for this opportunity to serve our Pierre Fauchard Academy!

Dr. Daniel Castagna

Vice President of the Pierre Fauchard Academy