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Myanmar 3rd Annual Meeting and Convocation

Posted March 01, 2020

The PFA Myanmar Section commemorated their 3rd Meeting and Convocation at Lotte Hotel, Yangon City. The Section is headed by Professor Ba Myint who inducted 16 new fellows. They now have 47 active members .  To mention  , Dr Swe Swe Win was  given the  PFA Distinguished Service Award for her  outpouring support for the growth of the Section.

Today is a really big day for Myanmar PFA section as the induction ceremony is grandly celebrated in Hotel Lotte 2nd floor.
Firstly, Welcome and congratulatory speech by Prof. Ba Myint, Chairman of Myanmar PFA Section followed by the speech by PFA International by Dr. Armyl Banez, Vice President, PFA International.
Then each new inductee is introduced by Professor Swe Swe Win, Vice Chairman, PFA Myanmar Section. Then Speech by Dr. Myrna Banez and handing over the stipend to support on PFA Myanmar Section,
After that, the pledge was read by Prof. Ba Myint and all the inductees are inducted as PFA fellows. ( 13 new fellows came and total inductees are 16)
Then certificates, pins and metals are awarded to  new fellows.
Lastly , thank you message by Dr. Ei Khine Min, on behalf of new fellows.
It was really grand and very inspiring atmosphere for everyone.
At night we had a very simple and happy dinner at White Rice Restaurant, Yangon.
Prof. Ba Myint and Prof. Swe Swe Win have discussed the upcoming activities and plans with all PFA members of Myanmar section.
The above is a small summary of our memorable induction day.
Best regards,
Dr. Nay Aung