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November - December 2022

PFA Poland Section annual meeting in 2021

Posted November 01, 2021

On October 6th, 2021 the annual meeting of PFA Poland Section took place in Łódź.

Our annual meetings usually took place one day before CEDE Central European Dental Exhibition and Polish Dentistry Union Congress.

The Exhibition was organised in Łódź in the years 1991 – 2007. In 2008 it was moved to Poznań. It was there that in 2009 President Charles Eller awarded Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk with Elmer Best Award and in 2016 President Elect dr Barry Feder visited Poland, during the FDI Congress. And now the Exhibition is back to Łódź  - so this is the reason for moving our annual meetings from Poznań to Łódź.

During our 2021 meeting PFA Poland Section Professor Zbigniew Jańczuk Award was presented to Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska (for the year 2020, when our meeting was cancelled) and dr Wiesław Latała (for the year 2021).

Professor Wojciech Bednarz, Vice Chair of PFA Poland Section, presented a paper on “Dentistry in Poland during the COVID-19 pandemic”, where he pointed out the efforts made by dentists to adjust their practice to sanitary regulations and eliminate the possibilities of virus transfer. Dr Bednarz also elaborated on the procedures implemented to protect both the doctors and the patients.

Another speech made during the meeting was one by the Secretary of PFA - dr Zbigniew Klimek and it commemorated the 30 years of existence of PFA Poland Section. Dr Klimek presented the main facts from the Section’s history but mainly focused on remembering the fellows who passed away. For 30 years Poland Section has accepted 154 fellows and now it has 106 fellows, 2 honorary fellows and 5 supporting fellows.

Professor Marek Ziętek – Chair of PFA Poland Section

Zbigniew Klimek – Secretary of PFA Poland Section



from the left: dr Zdzisław Maleńczyk, Professor Marek Ziętek- Chair of PFA Poland Section, dr Wiesław Latała, Professor Wojciech Bednarz.

from the left: dr Zdzisław Maleńczyk, Professor Marek Ziętek- Chair of PFA Poland Section, Professor Elżbieta Mierzwińska-Nastalska, Professor Wojciech Bednarz.