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Chicago Midwinter Meeting - Invitation to a Reception and New Fellow Induction Ceremony

February 23, 2023 Maggiano's Banquet Hall Downtown Chicago

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November - December 2022

Illinois Section Inducts Eighteen New Fellows

Posted March 15, 2022

The Illinois Section of the Pierre Fauchard Academy returned to a live new fellow induction ceremony on Thursday Feb. 24, 2022. The grand event was held in the ballroom of Maggiano’s Little Italy in downtown Chicago, where eighteen very impressive colleagues were welcomed as new fellows. Illinois has had the distinction of welcoming forty-eight new fellows over the last three years!

Our Section was honored to have a very distinguished guest list, not only from PFA, but from the American College of Dentists as well. As proof that the Chicago Dental Society holds the Midwinter Meeting during the winter, travel delays were in the mix. However, this did not stop the camaraderie and lively reception highlighted by the band, Burnt Biscuits

Following the impressive attendance of the 2021 virtual ceremony, where nine PFA Officers and Trustees participated, the 2022 live event was even more remarkable, where we had reservations for ten PFA and ACD dignitaries from outside the Section!

Our distinguished guest list included:

Dr. Armyl Bañez, International President

Dr. Hal Hale, International President-Elect

Dr. Terry Brewick, International Immediate Past-President

Dr. Ghabi Kaspo, Region 4 Trustee, Midwest U.S.A.

Dr. Myrna Bañez, Region 9 Trustee, Asia

Mr. Robert Cattoi, International Executive Director

Dr. Richard Jones, President of the American College of Dentists

Dr. Theresa Gonzales, Executive Director of the American College of Dentists and Fauchard Gold Medal Award recipient

Dr. Patricia Blanton, Fauchard Gold Medal Award recipient

Illinois PFA leaders on our guest list included:

Dr. Paul Obrock, Illinois PFA Section Chair and Master of Ceremonies

Dr. Jessica Gibbs, Illinois PFA Vice-Chair

Dr. Joe Hagenbruch, Illinois PFA Board

Dr. Larry Williams, Illinois ACD Chair-Elect

Dr. Sue Bishop, Illinois ICD Vice-Regent

Dr. Stacey Van Scoyoc, President of the Illinois State Dental Society

Dr. Mike Danner, Treasurer of the Illinois State Dental Society

The new fellows inducted were:

Dr. Gordon Barkley, III

Dr. Catherine Bishop

Dr. Doug Chang

Dr. Irbad Chowdhury

Dr. Chris Couri

Dr. Todd Gray

Dr. Denise Hale

Dr. Danny Hanna

Dr. Mark Heiss

Dr. Lauren Hood-Olson

Dr. Ravichandra Juluri

Dr. Kevin Nelson

Dr. Renee Pappas

Dr. Ron Riggins

Dr. Bill Schlosser

Dr. Melanie Watson

Dr. Harry Watts

Dr. Susan Zelazo-Smith          

All inductees are exemplary volunteers and leaders in Illinois dentistry and in their communities. We are very proud of the incredible talent, leadership and service exhibited by these new fellows and we want to congratulate them again on receiving this high honor.



New Fellows with Officers

PFA President Armyl Bañez

Past-President Terry Brewick

PFA President Bañez and Section Chair Paul Obrock

Dr. Blanton, Mr. Cattoi, Dr. Jones, Dr. Obrock, Ellen Obrock, Dr. Gonzales

Trustee Ghabi Kaspo presenting a plaque to Paul Obrock

Section Chairs Obrock and Gibbs