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Greetings for 2012

Posted March 09, 2012

Dear Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs, and PFA Fellows,

I sincerely hope all of you had blessed, peaceful and happy holidays and are ready to continue the work of maintaining and growing our ever prestigious Academy with a renewed spirit,energy and unwavering efforts. Now that we have completed our 75th Anniversary year and it’s celebrations, I want to once again thank our debonair French President, Dr. Hubert Ouvrard, who represented our Academy with charm, led us with strength and resolve and shared his wonderful sense of humor with us. Having a French President for this special year was not planned, but it could not have turned out better. Dr. Ouvrard was truly the President we needed for this milestone in the life of the Academy. I am honored to have been the Executive Director during his year, but even more honored to be his friend. I wish him and his beautiful wife, Christine, all the best of all good things in their future life and I know his presence on the PFA Foundation board will be an excellent influence.

I welcome our new President, Dr. Joseph Harris, and want to say how much I look forward to working with him this year, which will be my last. Dr. Joe as President during this year of “transition” will have a great responsibility to ensure the new Director and Central Office is well prepared to continue the important tasks required to make the academy run smoothly in all it the day-to -day business of paying the bills, processing new Fellows, planning PFA meetings and helping the President, Officers, Trustees and especially the many Section Chairs to accomplish their duties.

As I have dedicated a very large part of my life to PFA for many years with my husband Richard, and on my own since he passed away...I am totally committed to working with President Harris, the Board, and our Web Manager and Editor Mark Stanley to make the transition and all the challenges it will bring, easy for everyone concerned. Any major change is always difficult, especially when the change comes after many years of doing things a certain way. Knowing what to expect from someone and relying on that person...and also knowing what is expected from yourself. We all feel comfortable with the “familiar” and are uneasy with anything “unfamiliar”, however, “new” is exciting, and an adventure. I firmly believe our PFA family is up to and ready for a new adventure and any challenge!

To start this new year, my staff and I will be working closely with our Web Manager to bring to the Website everything the Officers, Trustees, Section Chairs and even the PFA Fellows now rely on the Central Office to provide. Easy to access forms, memos, procedures, reports and mailing labels which are now requested from the Central Office will be provided on the website for everyone, especially the Section Chairs, to download and print for use in recruiting, submitting nominees, instructions for installing new fellows, and obtaining current lists and mailing addition to being able to update member information in or on the virtual data base in order to have a continually updated membership roster available at all times.

Of course there will have to be instructions on how to access and make use of this available and necessary information, but with a little cooperation and “can do” attitude on the part of everyone this will become an important tool for making the duties of the Section Chairs, Trustees, Officers and Fellows much easier without having to wait for the Central Office to fill your request. Taking care of “my” Section Chairs has always been the number one priority of my many duties for PFA, and it was my sincere pleasure to do so. However, now that the Academy has grown from a few hundred “members in a shoe box” to almost 8,000 “Fellows in a Database”, the personal touch is not always possible anymore. However, I want all my Chairs to know how much I admire you for doing the never ending job of recruiting new fellows for PFA. You are the most important part of PFA because without a good leader at the head of a State/Section, there is no Academy. A good Chair recruits, holds an installation ceremony to induct the nominees as new Fellows, give the existing Fellows reports of activities in their section...In other words, gives them something to look forward to in addition to paying their annual dues and getting a great Dental Abstracts Journal!

The same goes for the Trustee at the head of the Region in which the Section/State exists. It’s up to each and every one of the Trustees of our ten regions to guide and encourage each and every one of their Chairs. This is your responsibility and your duty. The Trustee is the one who attends the local meetings, installation ceremonies, and even other organizations’ functions. You represent PFA and have the opportunity to connect and inspire new Fellows, which in turn will inspire and encourage the Section Chairs in your care.

Our Academy has the potential to be the “Best of the Best”. We are unique, in that we are not just an organization but a “family”. No matter what changes may come this year and in the years to come, we must remember this! By working together to stay strong we will be able to face any challenge.

In the months ahead, please check our website frequently to see and learn about all the new features which will become available. All meeting updates will be posted at the appropriate time on the website and information will also be included in the Dental World newsletter, which is published four times a year inside our bimonthly Dental Abstracts print journal

Today is filled with can make a difference every day. Here’s to an exciting and wonderful New Year.

Judith D. Kozal

Executive Director of the Pierre Fauchard Academy