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Posted December 04, 2011

On Friday December 2, 2011, the Michigan Section of the Academy presented a Bronze Statue of Pierre Fauchard (one of the 75 replicas created by the President of the Oklahoma Dental Association) to the President, Dr. Connie Verhagen and Executive Director, Mr. Drew Eason of the Michigan Dental Association. This staue will be placed on a special pedestal in the lobby of the new Michigan Dental Association Building in Okemos, Michigan. Those present at the presentation were; Drs. Joe C. Harris, International President of the Academy, Cheri Newman, Trustee of the Michigan Section, Edward H. Hirsch, Section Chairman, and Board members, Drs. Patricia Boyle, Membership Chairperson, Danielle Ruskin, Section Treasurer,and Sherill Behnke, Section Secretary. Dr. Harris and Dr. Hirsch presented the statue in front of the Michigan Dental Association Board of Trustees and many of the Past Presidents of the Association along with numerous guests from throughout the state. Further information and pictures will be placed in the Section Newsletter and the Michigan Dental Associaton Journal.

Submitted by: Edward H. Hirsch, DDS, FPFA Section Chairperson