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Greetings and "Thank you !"

Posted November 21, 2011

It is with great pride, honor and humility that I accept the presidency of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. The magnitude and scope of the responsibility of this office would be intimidating if not for the skill and planning of my predecessors, and the work and dedication of those who surround me on the Board, the Central Office and the general Fellowship. We all share the common goal of maintaining the Academy's standing as the greatest Dental Honor society in the world, and all of the above mentioned have pledged to me that we, as a team, will strive for the betterment of PFA.

Our mission was established seventy-five years ago in the Minnesota office of Dr. Elmer S. Best and from his vision we need not stray. His foresight has stood the test of time and we, his prodigy, must hold the foundation that he lay close to our hearts as we search for ways to keep the Academy relevant thereby preventing it from becoming an artifact. We at the Executive level and Central Office are ever mindful of occurring trends and evaluate their effects on society in general and dentistry in particular, and determine if these developments may or may not necessitate a change in the Academy's structure or policies. If a modification in the Academy's infrastructure is implemented, it is always done in the spirit of our original Mission Statement. One of the most remarkable accomplishments of PFA is its global expansion.

Through hard work and strategic planning, Richard and Judith Kozal grew the Academy from a small Chicago-based operation into a worldwide entity encompassing 119 countries. Every week I receive correspondence from non-American sections and their enthusiasm for the Pierre Fauchard Academy is infectious. We are now faced with the challenge of maintaining communications with these Sections in the most efficient and timely manner. Via our website, email blasts, Skype, Dropbox, Federal Express and Snail mail, we are testing the waters for the best methods to keep all sections informed of the Academy's news and affairs.

The Board of Trustees will also be taking on more responsibilities. Through committees, the Trustees will become more active in the formation of policies and actions of the Academy. Ends determination is the intent of governance and by recommendations to the Executive Board, and the eventual project groups born out of these recommendations, the influences of the Trustees and the Regions that they represent will take light.

The Central Office is hard at work and steadily moving the Academy forward. Mrs. Judith Kozal has been on an incredible artistic inspiration streak, re-creating the designs of the Academy's awards plaques and certificates. Her special edition 75th Anniversary certificate has sold out, leaving a long list of Fellows disappointed with themselves for placing their orders too late. Her re-designs of the Gold Medal Award, Distinguished Service Award, etc etc are beyond description in their beauty.

The Foundation continues to perform its wonderful and magnificent deeds providing funding to worthwhile dental projects around the world. Dr. James Long has just completed his three year term as the Foundation president and everyone from the Academy's side gives Jim accolades for a job well done. Dr. Kevin Roach has taken the reigns of the Foundation and we at the Academy look forward to his presidency as he has proven himself a great leader, past and present.

Last and never least, you, the Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, are the reason why our action and implementations occur. You are at the apex of the Academy's pyramid and all that is done at the political level of our organization is to benefit you, the Fellowship. Be it through your Section Chairs, Trustees, the Central Office or me, your voice will be heard. I am always available to you and I depend on YOU for input, direction and opinion. Because of you, the Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, we are the greatest Dental Honor Society in the world. On my watch, our standing will never change.

Dr. Joseph C. Harris,