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Posted November 05, 2011

The Michigan Section of the Academy recently met in conjunction with the Annual Dental Review of the Detroit District Dental Society. The meeting was held at the Burton Manor in Livonia, Michigan, commencing at 7 AM. We had 47 Fellows, Guests, Dental Students and Fellow initiates. The meeting began with the invocation given by our Trustee, Dr. Cheri Newman. Dr. Marilyn Woolfolk, a Fellow from the University of Michigan introduced four students from the University of Michigan Dental School. Dr. William Berkowski, Liaison from the University of DetroitMercy School of Dentistry then introduced three students from his school. Dr. Hirsch, the Section Chairman announced the recent election of Dr. Joe C. Harris as our International President and explained that Academy business caused him to miss our meeting. I announced that Dr. Harris was the third Detroit Fellow to be elected as International Prsident following Dr. Malcolm D.Campbell and Dr.Martin Naimark. During our breakfast, We had reports given by Dr. Danielle Ruskin, Treasurer, Dr. Sherill Behnke, Secretary, and Dr. Pat Boyle, Membership Chairperson. Dr. Boyle announced that we had seven individuals ready to be initiated in April. A thank you was given to the Board for the recent publishing of a new directory. A specia Citation was presented to Ms. Sarah Olsen for all of her dedicated work for the Section with regards to the Treasurer's position. We initated into Fellowship Drs: Bruce Harwood, Penny Flury, James Stewart, Carol Moynhian and Wilhelm Piskorowski. The pledge was read by the Secretary and our Trustee helped pass out the Certificates, Keys and Lapel pins. Trustee, Dr. Cheri Neman gave a report on the recent International meeting of the Academy in Paris, France utilizing a slide presentation. She also gave an update on the Baycliffe Camp project in Northern Michigan where dental students supervised by some of our Fellows gave dental care to a number of handicapped campers. We adjourned at 8:15 to the adjoining session of the Dental Review. The Chairs of the Review and committee members are either old Fellows or are new initiates. Dr. Hirsch is the Executive Director of the Detroit Dental Society which sponsored the Review. Submitted by. Edward H. Hirsch, DDS,FPFA Section Chair